Sunday, December 11, 2016

Revelations on the Eve of 12-12

So finally got some more puzzle pieces put into place. 

The Pattern of Collapsing Empires 

Throughout human history there have been many civilizations that sort of "reach their peak" and then for unknown reasons either vanish or cease to be. Dinosaurs, Myans, Egyptians, Atlantis... 

And what I've come to understand is this: When a civilization reaches its peak the people become very knowledgeable and advanced and tend to be very spiritual and moving towards a place of "positive alignment" with the divine. Then something BAD happens or comes along. I'll call this aspect "Hell" because it seeks to wipe out he good of humanity over and over again. '

In these instances I have come to understand hat aliens or "beings form space" often intercede and take the most divinely led people (and from what I understand even animals sometimes) and bring them to another planet they have specifically set aside for people. 

We are on the edge of this next "wipe-out". Only this time it's not one singular civilization -it's the WORLD since we have become so globally connected. Hell will try its best to destroy, but won't be able to like before. Heaven is here. It's landed. It's not going anywhere. It's global. This SHIFT will be a new one, not like times before. 

However things will come in WAVES. It will be very frightening and overwhelming when a place that would have otherwise been destroyed in ancient times, remains steadfast amidst that which would have otherwise destroyed it. 

But as they've done before, these beings from other planets will take in those who have reached "fruition" spiritually and are on the same wavelength. They will appear immediately after these "waves" -which won't be subtle and will come across pretty Biblically. 

Those that are enlightened will rise in the first wave -so very few people. MOST people will rise during the second wave if for no other reason than fear. 

Fell like this needed to be understood and acknowledged more overtly rather than a truth I just stick in my back pocket like some other ones I've got going on. 

Main points: 

Don't fear the aliens, they're here to help and if they wanted to destroy us they've done it already. 

Those that turn to God in humility will not only be protected, they will be RECEPTIVE.  

Don't fear, hate, or be saddened by Hell. This is their last stand and they're going to gain little ground. Heaven will come through. 

Take up relics, objects, and items that are "sacred" or positive. This includes things from other cultures and items from your childhood that are instilled with the energy from your days of innocence. Have these items near. 

Don't get caught up in "the noise" -aka the lying news, the tragic headlines, and the annoying tabloids. That kind of stuff is trying to distract you from greater things -stay focused. 

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