Monday, December 12, 2016

Musings on a Rainy Tuesday 11/22/16

I’ve got 6 pages of just topics laid out in a sentence that I could write on. And right now I’ve got around 20? Blogs that just need to be posted. Trying to figure out what order to put them in…

So I went through the list asking myself, are you going to be that stupid and write yet ANOTHER blog on top of the ones you haven’t posted???

Apparently I am.

The topics that came up were kind of random though. The ones I felt pulled towards and compelled to write seem unrelated.

The first topic is on the Romani people –occasionally referred to as “Gypsies” by people too ignorant to know they’re perpetuating an indignant stereotype that all Romani people came from Egypt.

The Romani wandered and still wander throughout Europe. I think it is a part of their faith to travel. And so they are almost always pilgrims in new land, and they were easily spotted and marked as “different” and lesser in part because their practices and beliefs were not copy/pasted.

They were tortured, murdered, exiled, preyed upon, and called evil. They were called thieves on principle. And yet they only sought to live life the way they wanted and not bother anyone else or be bothered by anyone else.

People often judge them for not trusting “modern medicine” by going to see doctors. But their people were experimented on by “physicians” in power, so why WOULD they trust doctors at this point?

They were and still are in some places treated like rats or wandering vagrants. They often don’t get hired for jobs and because of their traveling, often don’t have much to their name.

They seem like a testament to themselves because they are strongest when they band with one another and rely on those they are closest to that understand them. They have endured, in spite of the world telling them for centuries not to.

The second topic is on the language of Catholics with regard to the way they’ll call each other “Brother” or “Sister” if they’re a nun or a monk.

It seems kind of sad that these names get passed around like “Brother Thomas” as more of a title of recognition naming station. “Mother Superior” or “Father Abbott” implies a higher ranking position.

And when you think about it, these names originated from a sense of purpose towards FAMILY. That you could turn to someone within that faith and not see a stranger or a colleague, but a member of a sort of extended family. There was the acknowledgement that God intended for mankind to treat each other as family.

And I like it. I like wandering around the office and looking at people in cubicles beside mine and thinking, “That’s a sister.” There’s this distancing that gets removed when you look at people that way. There’s a closeness and a humanity that gets reinstated.

Speaking as someone who has struggled with social anxiety disorder and trusting people, it makes you feel at ease. Like you can breathe among another person as yourself, not a title or a suite.

The last is a little more troubling to explain, but also feels very important to acknowledge. It’s a pattern I’ve seen emerging. Before Moses and Christ were born there was a vast infanticide and murdering of infants. There was also vast enslavement. In their time the world wasn’t globally connected as it is now and the places they derived from seemed like worlds unto themselves.

Now we have this “global” situation where rape slavery is extensive beyond measure and there are places where infanticide and the murdering of children is becoming systemic. But for me there is a feminine tone to this one. It’s mostly girls and women that are being abused and mistreated now. I say this speaks to a coming of a great female, spiritual leader.

I feel women rising. Especially black women in particular.

There is a grace and a strength they're refusing to be denied.

There is a spiritual awakening happening within women.

It’s remarkable. 

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