Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Dreams: November - December

Dream 10/28/16: I just remember I woke up and the last thing from my dream was repeating in my mind: Senior Citizens and Disabled People matter. Because I thought it was a little strange that non-profits that were supposed to be focusing on poverty included senior services and help to the disabled. I thought it was an un-related issue. But the dream basically re-emphasized that those 2 groups needed support and were a part of the greater mission to end poverty and disadvantages among varying groups of people.

Dream 10/31/16: I dreamed I was flying and came upon an ancient Greek temple where there were men of that era wandering around. We’ve moved on from Italy and have now embarked on our way to Greece in dreamland I guess. I then dreamed I came across Deepak Chopra who was giving a speech about his latest book –which I was not interested in. I understood that his book had wisdom in it, but it was too expensive for me to buy so instead I focused on some totem animal cards that featured a peacock and an orca. I then came across someone who gave tattoos and showed her my artwork and she asked if I wanted a tattoo of any of them and I chose the seahorse. It didn’t have any deep, sentimental meaning behind it I just thought it looked cool. So I got it and when I woke up from the dream I decided that I’d still prefer to get a tattoo of meaning than just one that looks nice.

Life Occurrence 11/02: This wasn’t a dream. I was driving to work and out of nowhere there was a huge rainbow arch in the sky. It had just finished raining and you could see this amazing rainbow emerge in the sky. Then I looked off to the right and where the sun was dawning it looked like a volcano exploding or like the sky was on fire. And I got this weird sense of impending “doom” coming on the horizon but this protective arch that was overhead. Like that part of Colorado was well looked after and protected from harm.

And it reminded me of San Jose. I travelled to various places and prayed over various locations I would go to. I feel like when things go down and get “Biblical” there will be some areas that are safe and well taken care of and there will be darker areas that are problematic. Oakland in California and Colorado Springs in Colorado are not going to be happy places to go. Littleton, CO and Campbell, CA on the other hand seem very light and positive.

It’s important for people to start mapping out the “safe havens” in their area. There’s definitely this instinct to start preparing and making note of things so that when stuff does happen everyone’s in good stead. 

Dream 11/14: This dream wasn’t very exciting. I dreamed I was tracking my volunteer time in a spreadsheet. I was tracking some of my volunteer efforts in real life on an online dashboard that tracks volunteerism through my non-profit. But there was something in the dream that seemed kind of important, but I can’t remember it now. I think it had to do with volunteering to help the elderly and that being an important way to contribute.

Dream 11/24: Had a dream I was walking/shopping through various metaphysics shops. I was meeting new people and my aunts were there buying Native American stuff. Then I met this one woman behind a specific section of the store and she said she was a “connector” and that she worked as an administrator for the shop. I basically woke up with the feeling that if I wanted to I could work for spiritual people in a spiritual way while still being in an admin position. That and the sense that networking in spiritual groups is a great way to connect –not just for business but for friendships.

Dream 11/24: I had a dream my sister Emily was visiting and we were walking around and came across a zoo –which turned out to be someone’s backyard. They had giraffes and lions and many animals and Emily wanted to stay there and work there for a living. Then this U.F.O. hovered overhead and I told her it was time to go. Since she was visiting my house for the holidays I told her to pack her bag –which she already had ready to go –and told her we would be heading out because it was time to go with them. I also gave her instructions and told her what the plan was. I was totally calm and collected the whole time like I knew exactly what to do.

Dream 11/29: Had a very vivid, light dream. It felt like I was wandering around in Heaven. There was this street of cobble stones that reminded me of Italy and I walked down some stairs under some archways to a street of market stores. I went into one store and was looking at items from the ocean –like sea shells –and you didn’t have to buy them you could just take them. On the wall was what appeared at first glance to be a giant mural of the ocean. In reality it WAS an ocean and you could reach out and touch the moving waves and feel the water and the sand. Then a woman appeared to emerge from behind a palm tree on the wall in this “mural” and then she came out of the mural into the space I was standing. It just kind of bent your mind and made you question the finite, physical barriers you lived in on Earth verses this realm of Heaven.

Dream 12/02: This dream was vivid, but now it’s hard to remember. There was a baby deer I was looking after and at one point I was given a hedgehog to also take care of. My sister wrote a poem about a year ago about a hedgehog that kind of paralleled my state of being metaphorically. So this was kind of speaking to that I think. I was also looking after a cat.

Then there was a second part of the dream where I was driving in my car at night and I saw the sky light up above me. Then I saw Captain Hook’s ship flying above and someone in the car told me –“It’s Peter Pan coming from another world to land his ship in ours like he did with Wendy.” 

Dream 12/6/16: Had a very vivid, metaphorical dream about a blonde woman who was about 35 or 40 years old who was in a “mental health facility”. She was actually outdoors in a kind of backyard beside a building and there was a man there –her psychiatrist –who was trying to help her out.

The woman Externally seemed to be schizophrenic or “out of touch with reality” but internally was struggling with some pretty harsh spiritual issues. She kept having flashbacks to past lives. 2 in particular kept coming up. One was of her being lashed and beaten during the 14th century somewhere in Europe by a town square. The other –and more troubling for her to handle –was a vision that in her last life she had had a son that died and a daughter who was never born because she died while pregnant. For some reason she could handle and let go of her 1 year old son passing away, but not the daughter.

She was grieving over her own deaths and the deaths of her children in the life before. It kept her at a distance from the present life she was living. There were also 5 “ghosts” or entities around her who were interacting with her and also trying to help her out. But they also became distracting and kept her out of touch with the living people around her –including her psychiatrist who seemed more like a ghost to her than these 5 beings.

Then for some reason out of nowhere a gun was raised and shot through one of the ghosts. It went right through and the woman saw this. It then finally resonated with her: They are dead and can no longer be harmed. And it made her see that the past was dead and could do her no further harm. Like a bullet passing through a ghost these memories can just kind of pass through without causing pain.

The woman then started thinking about what she wanted to do with her life and decided she wanted to fly a helicopter. She then LEFT the mental health facility and just started living as if she had never been there. The psychiatrist could not account for this change.

Then I realized this was a movie I was watching and my first instinct was to buy it –in spite of just watching it and not wanting to see it again –and instead give it to my sister. I felt like she needed to get this message.

My sister’s been struggling lately with this fear of death. She’s thought for a couple years now that she would die young –around the age of 27. She’s 25, but genuinely fears death is around the corner. Not sure if this vision would help her out or not, but the theme of letting go of past life issues (which might be where this fear is coming from if she died young in a past life) might be a good thing for her to know.

I think since Heaven is merging past-life stuff is going to start coming up more for people –including flash backs for some –and it may initially seem overwhelming. But putting the past behind and moving forward is where everyone is ultimately headed and what will eventually come through.

Early Morning Reflections 12-7:
This morning was weird in a good way. I have EXTENSIVE amounts of jovial energy for no good reason and it’s awesome. It feels light and like I can take on the world and do anything. Heaven is near.

I drove through the snow and it took me an hour to get to work and I was engaged the whole time and when I got to work decided to skip coffee and black tea and just get going –no need for an energy boost.

But back home this morning on top of all this energy I was also thinking some prolific thoughts and decided they needed to be shared. I’m not sure when “the Ascension” is supposed to occur (something tells me 12/12 or 12/31 might be important dates to look after) but I’m just going to keep blogging and posting either way. 

Intuitive Instance 12-8:

I experienced “3rd Eye” visual about 2 years ago and it lasted for about a month. It was like a pirate patch coming off my eye and seeing through it. It was a line of sight from the back of the head paired with the physical ability to see from the front of the head.
It was sort of hard getting used to the dual perception while it lasted, but it ultimately faded and went away and got “covered up” again. Then this year there were 3 instances when I saw VERBADEM out of that line of sight while my eyes were closed. It felt like I could see the room around me and everything in it through the eyes of my soul. I was wide awake, alert, and connected. It came out of nowhere. And it happened again this morning.

I was lying in bed debating whether I wanted to get up or not. It was dark at 5:40am as usual and my eyes were closed. And then suddenly it’s like they opened. And I looked around the room at it felt like 7am and the sun was coming through and the room was very bright and warm. And it confused me like, “How the heck is it 7am?” And then they shut. And then my physical eyes opened immediately and I was again surrounded by darkness at 5 in the morning. My soul had shown me its line of sight and it was perceiving of the spiritual realm around.

Heaven is HERE. It’s HERE. It has landed. It’s around. And it moves to its own time and is beyond time. It is Day when it is Night. It is Bright when it is Dark. It is no contradiction. It is our reality. 

Dream 12-9 and 12-10:

Had 2 very similar dreams 2 nights in a row. I was basically going around shopping for Christmas presents and was particularly drawn to Native American stuff and in one instance, Dinosaur stuff. In the second dream I also got essential oils. At one point I was being a mentor to about 20 girls and kind of realized that's something I'm sort of meant to do at some point in my life. 

12/10/16: Went shopping for Christmas gifts and ended up at an antique/spiritual store and ended up buying Native American stuff, dinosaur stuff, and essential oils. I kept kind of asking, "What am I meant to get here and for who." I felt pretty led throguhout the whole thing. 

Dream 12-12-16:

Had a very vivid, clear dream last night. Was in some sort of group meeting outside and there were a lot of teenagers being brought through.

Then some “drama” broke out because 2 of the teen girls had been sleeping with the same guy who showed up with a different girlfriend.

Was mostly just observing all of this going down when suddenly I felt like I was about to levitate. I felt super light and like divine beings were around me.
I looked up at the sky and became frightful I was going to “fall” into the sky and the stars above. I noticed a blonde girl near me struggling in the same way.

Then a guy got up in front of the group and said, “I normally don’t interrupt these kinds of meetings, but it’s time for me to go. I’m feeling the ascension. I just wanted you guys to know it’s ok and you can leave whenever you want, you don’t have to wait. Just ‘reach out spiritually’ and they’ll find you.”

Then he raised his arms out to the sky and stood there and everyone kind of looked at him like he was crazy, but I got the heck out of that group and hid behind a nearby wall. 

Then the spacecraft came and took him in and I yelled, “Wait! Let me get my stuff…” But then I knew I needed to explain all this to my family before I went so I said, “Never mind, just go.” 

I realized I didn’t necessarily want to go alone. It was a big shift that I was ready for, but would prefer not to go alone.

Later the group gathered indoors and I went to talk to the girl that had also almost levitated. No one in general seemed to care about the space alien –like it was no big deal. 

Meanwhile this girl had questions for me and I knew as an intuitive it was important for her to know what her options were.

I told her World War 3 was coming and it would be the first Global war, rather than just one based primarily in Europe.

I told her bombs and nukes were on the table and God had a plan to save people.

After talking with her I looked over and there was a stream in some woods and a trout jumped out of the stream and was flopping on the land.

I knew the trout would suffer and die, so I walked over and put the trout back in the river.

Then I heard a voice that said, “This is why you will go. Because you will help those in need when the time comes without being asked. You have caring for them –including animals.” 

Not everyone will ascend and not everyone’s intended to go, which is kind of sad since it’s the spiritual equivalent of going to Hogwarts and unleashing full spiritual potential.
I fear for the people who will stay because there path will have great uncertainty. There will be some destined to stay and look after people and animals which is good, but the rest will be “sheeple” not knowing where to go or what to do. 

I think what frustrates me most is that intuitives aren’t knew and in this day and age they’re pretty vast and easily heard.

There was a man that wrote a short story called “The Titan” about a great ship going into the Atlantic and hitting an iceberg 10 years before the Titanic set sail.

Intuitives give out the information and follow the signs, but are ignored by the masses while idiots waving “Repent Now or Be Swallowed into Hell” are given airtime while they’re scoffed at and taint the influence of those who know what they’re doing.
People would look at you like you were crazy and would refuse to listen. The only time you could tell people in general was during/after the First Wave hit when genuinely Biblical stuff was occurring overtly. 

So you have to bode time and wait for bad stuff to happen before people take you seriously.

Meanwhile other intuitives whisper through the grape vine of the coming times.

We are ready. 
We are waiting. 
Our time is coming. 
We will know what to do and where to go. 

Common laypeople people will have to find their own way. 
We cannot live their lives for them. 
And they tend to suck at listening. 

12-12-16: More insights to UFOs came today along with this vision: 

The aliens were symbolically represented by geese flying overhead again. They essentially have a "collective mentality" where they share thoughts and understandings almost as a singular mind psychically so they're always on the same page with one another. When one of them gets hurt it's a collective hurt and everyone in the group addresses the pain and brings healing to it as if it was their own. They kind of exist as one being comprised of many parts. Living for yourself, by yourself, cut off from those around you would seem deeply unintelligent and unwise to them. 

12-17-16: I dreamed I was driving a car with my sister in the passenger's seat and out of nowhere this UFO flies overhead. Then the road changed into a spiral upward and I drove it. The rest of the dream consisted of wandering around an ancient castle with kings and queens around. 

12-18-16: I had a strange dream -even by my standards. There was a group of maybe 8 different kids and each had something weird going on. 2 kids were twins but they were pale and had black hair and were kind of gothic. But I was sort of trying to keep the group together and look after them. The second part of my dream consisted of seeing Henry the 8th living his life and basically finding out he was a lot more depraved than Tudors let on... 

12-19-16: Had a longgggg dream that purple lightning streaked the sky and aliens started appearing out of nowhere. I was rushing to get my stuff together and tried convincing my sister to come with me but she really didn't want to go. It was kind of sad and frustrating. 

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