Monday, December 19, 2016

November Post: Embodiment of Soul


I’m definitely getting better at being In Body. There’s a kind of “click” that happens when it occurs. My soul is definitely used to resonating above rather than within. It can actually feel kind of like a kid on time out when my soul is fully enfleshed.

There have been some benefits and draw backs to this experience. When I’m in body I am much more receptive and present to the environment around me which allows for greater perception and connection. Nature feels ALIVE to an extent it hadn’t before. I also seem to talk more fluidly and wander with more ease and confidence than I would otherwise. I can see and sense with more clarity. My energy is also higher and there are times when I actually kind of want to run a marathon. I feel like a horse let out of a barn and want to run and climb and venture out into the world more.

But the downsides hit pretty quickly as well. HUNGER became an issue since I’m burning up more energy being in body. I need to eat more healthy snacks throughout the day. Headaches also became a problem because I still tend to resonate more mentally than physically and it leads to this spiritual “clog” going on in my head. It is also far more challenging to listen to music and daydream the way I usually do from time to time. Imagining things definitely takes soul out of body and into a different arena.

So I’ve come to the understanding that if I’m in a dentist’s office, I’m going to space out and let soul wander elsewhere. If I’m in a conference and need to speak to a group at some point, I’m going to be higher energy and fully present in body.

*Update 11/09:

Kind of had a breakthrough this morning. I got really grounded and present into body and felt God’s presence and the presence of Heaven above. I could perceive of Heaven and interact while being fully embodied. And the metaphor that came to me was Helen Keller. Because you think about her circumstances and how she could touch a rock and know it was there, but know it was a rock. She must have presumed that like herself everyone around her was also blind and incapable of seeing beyond. And yet that day came when she finally realized there was someone there to be her eyes for her and tell her, “This is a rock.” That communication and understanding finally came through and what I feel is basically Heaven saying, “We will be your eyes where you can’t see and lead you to understand the things you currently don’t.” You just kind of feel like you’re being led by the hand and guided and don’t really have anything to worry about. 

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