Sunday, December 4, 2016


There’s a reason so many spiritual understandings are divulged in metaphor.

#1 Metaphors paint a picture others can easily grab hold of and comprehend.
#2 Ambiguity allows for you Not to be treated like an idiot.

Because if you just hand over the truth plainly, people might hold it against you or say you’re wrong or argue with you.

But given the state of things and that this is my blog and has collected my thoughts –and so myself as well (since I was 18 and then from the age of 23 to 28) –I figure I owe myself and this blog that much in honesty and transparency.

Once upon a time there was a man who became a symbol. This man knowingly took upon Himself the sins of others that He might then liberate people from the burden of those vices and pains. He gave to those in need and gave of Himself entirely that the world may have it all, for He had not sinned Himself.

Later on in time there was another man. This man knowingly took upon himself the sins of others, for they were his own as well. He took upon himself the depraved and the disdainful and instead of seeking to liberate people from it, for his own selfish gain he championed these vices. And so it was he gained power and more privilege and set himself above others. An inverted falsehood where God had led humanity to profound truth.

I say plainly I feel Heaven merging. I FEEL and PERCEIVE of Heaven coming through so clearly and with such close range you can almost reach out and grab the hand of an angel. Heaven has concreted itself to the Earth and has finally taken it's stand -the line will hold and not break. I perceive as well of Hell’s rage in this. They hate it. They rise like a tide upon the shore to swallow what land was there to be found standing on.

Hell is rising and Heaven is merging. Hell will have its last stand here. It will not be a subtle one. There will be much pain and darkness. But Heaven will also come through much more plainly as well.

I am 16 years old. I am standing in front of my school by the parking lot. My backpack is heavy, my breath is stifled, and I want to scream. “Please come, please come, please come…” I just want to be saved from this place. I want to cry and break down. I want to be brought home. I want to be free. My dad is taking forever to come and release me from this pain. Even though he thinks he’s just picking me up from school, he’s saving me from this world that’s crashing all around me. Please come. Please come.

And then there this image of a white bridge forged strongly out of ethereal light. This knowing I will be held and carried over safely as if it were of no concern. And then there is this image of a HUGE light falling over me and all around me –taking me in. The light is at first overwhelming and almost frightening, but then I fell its peace and radiance and warmth and I know –this light is of God.

I’m not going to die. No way. I was not intended for death. I feel like I’ve been sitting patiently, waiting for things to shift so I can finally do whatever it is I’m ultimately intended for. Finally I get to surface.

“The wheat that has reached fruition will be harvested” as they put it in the Bible. This isn’t about any kind of an “End” –this is about the inheritance of the Earth.

When you see the “divine beings from above” descend over the mountains, those that act on fear will remain here. I will pray for them. I will hold tight to the hope God comes through for them here because this world will sink into new depths in some places.

But I will rise with them, as will many other intuitive people that say, “Better to take a chance on an unknown than to remain cursed with this tragic state of affairs.” They will leave this Earth and regret nothing.

And finally we will get to live freely and spiritually as we were intended to. No pain. No real worries. We will become strong as needed and eventually return in about a year or two.

This is the plan and it’s a weird one, but a predicted one, and a great one. Either mankind will Not learn this lesson of not demonizing a different group of people they call “savage” in their own barbarism or they Will learn and embrace others as they would their own.

Do you see the good in people or is every stranger an enemy to you?
Things to bring if you decide to attend the Ascension:


·        Back-pack:
o   Yoga Pants, jeans, bathing suite, short socks, light snow boots, jacket
o   Possibly a yoga mat or sleeping bag to sleep on (so long as you can carry it around)
o   “Toiletries”, Flashlights, Water Bottle (If you can bring extra supplies for others)
o   A “gift” for those taking you in: Gemstones, Things from ancient cultures (especially Egypt and Native American stuff), Angel figurines, Tiny curio items
o   Playing Cards/ Games that are small (you will have down-time and get bored)
o   Small books, angel cards, art supplies
o   Switch from a Purse to Travel Satchel

After you ascend and you get to where you’re going:

#1 Get ORIENTED. It will take a while to adjust to that setting. Get rest if needed, wait for light to come, try to find the shore/open space with spiritual instincts and get food. The place will be “lighter” and will take time to adjust to. PRAYER -as children do sitting beside their beds before they sleep at night in pure humility –will be essential.

#2 At some point, impart wisdom onto others so they can be directed on what’s going on. Establish “Agreements” as a tribe since we’ll be there for a while. Maybe do a prayer circle and bring God in. Call on divine beings for guidance either way (especially totem animals).

#3 Good tips for spiritual interaction: Grounding –try “meditating” if necessary. Use imagination the way that kids do and try to bring things about “in play” with invisible interactions. Call on divine beings and God for guidance. Get connected to nature. 

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