Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Recent Occurrences

I don’t usually like to talk about my own life unless it’s something pretty relevant going on, but there have been some interesting things occurring.

#1 The Mug Instance: 

Went to a “white elephant” party a week or so ago. White elephant is basically where people draw a number individually and then go in sequential order up to a pile of presents not knowing who they’re from or what they are and then choose one.

If someone who is called after the first initial people wants to, they can steal a present that has already been opened by someone and then the persons stolen from can either steal themselves a new present or go to the pile.

My number was 6 and I went up to the pile and tried to be intuitively led to the best gift. I was IMMEDIATELY drawn to a present with blue wrapping paper. At first I thought I was over-eager and it wouldn’t be something good. Then I opened it and it was a coffee mug (which is what I’d actually been asking relatives to gift me for Christmas) and raspberry dark chocolate (my favorite).

I felt kind of accomplished and deeply contended with my gift –almost as if God had sent it to me. Then a guy named Eric STOLE my gift from me. It felt like God’s intention had been undermined. I went back to the pile and opened a Wine Bottle Cork Opener thing. I don’t drink. Was pretty mopey about it.

The next day we then had “Secret Santa”. Secret Santa is where you are given a person in the office to secretly give a gift to without them knowing it’s from you. I got a lovely girl named Jessica (not me) who is always running around and helping people with events (she reminds me of my cousin Jennifer). I got her a notebook and coloring book.

Then I get my secret santa gift from someone unknown and open it… It’s the SAME mug as I got the day before from white elephant. What’s great about this mug is it says Colorado on the side and depicts mountains and nature scenes from CO. It felt like God came through again –like nothing can truly undermine God’s determination to get something through.

#2 Flight Cancelled: 

I KNEW about a month or two before that flying out to California wasn’t going to happen. I didn’t even print the tickets out because I KNEW it would be pointless. Didn’t know what would happen to stop the flight, but I knew it wasn’t happening. The week before the flight there was rumor of a blizzard coming that Saturday.

I printed out the tickets the day before, but knew I wouldn’t use them. I debated packing, but did it anyway on the 5% chance in my mind that it would still happen. Flights started being cancelled the night before and by 4am mine was too. Then I was told to try and reschedule the flight and I knew that wouldn’t work either –especially the weekend before Christmas.

It’s important to know when you genuinely KNOW. This discernment is essential. You can feel it as a kind of certainty or an absolute truth that’s irrefutable. It just is what it is.

#3 UTI: 

Health issues again. I went to see the doctor about my UTI issue. She was a nice woman, but basically thought I was over-reacting. I was tested for Uterine Cancer since my grandma got it around my age, but the tests came back negative. I still believe it’s ovarian cancer, but without any kind of hereditary contribution or genetic disposition no doctor will take you seriously –which is kind of frightening.

This disease is called “the silent killer” because it is so hard to detect. I also logically don’t understand how someone can say, “You can’t have this disease unless someone else in your family had it.” Well then how did they get it? At some point this disease has to derive without previous hereditary influence. How does that occur? I could understand if this cancer was ONLY genetically transferred, but we know that’s not the case. It’s like telling a woman: “Don’t check for breast cancer –no one else in your family has it.”

My grandfather is also suffering from a rare kind of spinal cord cancer, so the excuse of, “Well it would be pretty rare…” doesn’t amount to much when you are that rarity.
So once again had to struggle with a UTI. Thank God I still have some disposable catheters around. Didn’t want to have to use it, but after a day of not really being able to pee it became necessary. Things are mostly better now. Preventing retention is the primary concern –otherwise my stomach/ intestines/ uterus gets distended and I start to look pregnant and bloated.

This is the 4th time this year this has occurred. But I’m sure there’s nothing bigger going on…. (sarcasm).

#4 Stanley Hotel: 

The night before the day after Christmas (take your time with that one)… I was told, “By the way, we’re going to Estes Park tomorrow so you have to wake-up early.” Not what I wanted to hear for the last day before I have to get back to work.

We make our trip to the Stanley Hotel, but I wasn’t sure why we were going. My step-mom who arranged the trip believes in ghosts, but doesn’t like them because she thinks they’re “creepy”. She also sort of finds them fascinating which tells you how much experience she’s had with them.

My step-brother who also went is an atheist and finds religion/beliefs highly illogical –so it wasn’t for him.

Dad’s experienced ghost stuff and watches ghost shows sometimes but mostly just wants to understand what’s going on –not really go exploring himself.

My sister and I have had negative, traumatic experiences with entities so we actually DON’T want to encounter them unless we have to. We’re perceptively intuitive and at some point you realize these “entities” are just people –some of whom aren’t very nice. It’s like someone telling you they’re taking you to a place where you purposely wander around trying to encounter random strangers because it’s “fascinating”. It’s not. It’s awkward and weird and unsettling.

So we go and find out about the interesting history of the hotel. I mostly try to stay grounded (I was sort of led to wear my Star of David crystal necklace that day for some reason) and tried to bless every room and make sure God’s presence was there.
For all its status, the hotel isn’t actually that haunted. When you walk in you can feel a GENERAL level of spiritual energy in part because it’s built in the mountains on top of a lot of quartz crystal. It’s more like a place where spiritual energy in general kind of abounds –not necessarily positive or negative or even individual spirits.  Most of the energy there is what you would call “residual”. When there’s that much history to a place and that many lives passing through it creates its own kind of echoing energy –like almost all of Europe.

The only place I got triggered was this stairway. My attention was immediately drawn to it and you could almost SEE the energy moving down it like a waterfall. And I did get the sense of an individual or several entities on that thing. Then I was told that it’s known as a “vortex” and many psychics have perceived of this motion going on with it. I didn’t like the stairway much, so I mostly just tried to bring God’s presence in and hand it over.

There were a couple rooms I passed by on the 3rd and 4th floors that may have had some specific entities in rooms –but that was it for the main portion of the hotel. The underground/ basement hallway was probably the most unsettling. They have a basement hallway that leads to the staff lounge area and there is exposed rock running along either side.

The rock itself and the atmosphere is GOOD –it reminded me of being out in the woods and in nature. But there is some kind of negative entity down there. My energy was already running low by the time we hit that room given I hadn’t eaten for a while and we had been wandering around for over an hour, but then everything just tanked. I almost blacked out and more than any other time my body/soul got instinctually Grounded and Present as if in defense against something or in reaction to something. Not a fan of the basement area.

Then when I was in the car getting ready to leave I had a HUGE déjà vu moment and actually remembered a vivid dream I had of looking myself in the car mirror up front and saying, “Remember this moment –this is meant to happen.” Déjà vu is freaky. But it was at least good to know I was meant to travel there and impart what positive influence I could. I think I was meant to tell some of the ghosts to “rise to Heaven” and change some of the trapped energies of the room so new, positive, present energy could be brought in.

One of the downsides to most “psychics” is they only perceive of what is and don’t seek to change anything or improve the circumstances. It’s important to help bring in new, positive influence. 

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