Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Heaven is HERE

I was looking through pictures I'd taken recently and found one of a beautiful bush of flowers. 

This is Heaven. 

Then I got a text from my mom -who I've been having issues with lately. She basically told me that she misses her dog Rylie that recently passed away and she had a dream of the dog last night and wondered if it was God's way of saying Rylie is at peace in Heaven. I told her it was probably God's way of showing Rylie is watching over her and isn't far. Then mom said, "I hope I see her again some day..." 

This frustrates me. Maybe because I've had experiences with ghosts and experiences with positive entities from Heaven, but the fact is Heaven is HERE. It's as close to here as you Allow it to be. Meaning, this plane of existence called "Earth" is BOUND and BLENDED with the spiritual. If Heaven was made of water, Earth would be the lost city of Atlantis under the sea. There is no official "beginning point" for the entrance of Heaven -it is a spiritual plane of existence that can BE anywhere. 

Earth is like a chalice that can be filled with the waters of Grace and Presence of Heaven AND/OR the Darkness and Pains of Hell. People decide which resides in the space around us. 

So when you say something like, "Gee I hope I get to see my grandma again someday since she passed away last year and I'm not dead yet," what you're Failing to recognize is that she is HERE. You can call her near and she can be close to you. "Citizens" of Heaven have a harder time making their presence physically known to people on Earth, but Saints, Angels, and Jesus don't. They are easier to interact with and perceive. The energy and presence of Heaven can be brought in and felt HERE. 

And I'm constantly being reminded of the beauty of Heaven in the surroundings we have here on Earth. There is a lot of Hell that can easily be found in the morbid, the pained, and the broken -but there is also a boundless amount of beauty from Heaven here. 

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