Monday, May 11, 2015

Mom Issues Part 2

I think my mom honestly has a psychological disorder at this point. She's like Jodie Arias or that woman from Gone Girl where she keeps blaming one guy after the other for crimes they didn't commit. 

The chronology of events is getting harder for me to keep up with, so here we go: 

1. Mom and Dean's dog Rylie passes away and mom tailspins into depression and mourning. 

2. The next day Dean comes by to get the Titles to his vehicles out of the safe at mom/Dean's house, where mom assured him they still were. They weren't there. Dean text mom and she eventually told him she had handed the titles over to her attorney and that they were "community property" -even though LEGALLY they were in Dean's name alone and belonged solely to him. 

3. Dean locks the storage shed and bars it because he's pretty sure mom will take his stuff since she already took the Titles to his cars and motorcycle and put it somewhere else. 

4.That night when mom comes home she says that Dean "threatened her" in text that day -which I know to be a lie because I was with Dean when he text her and he let me read the texts back and forth between them. 

5. That night as previously scheduled, Dean serves mom his divorce papers by having a man deliver the papers to her -which he is legally obligated to do within the first month of him receiving them from her, which he had. 

6. I hear mom drunkenly talking on the phone to her friend that night. "Yah he served me the papers, right after Rylie just died. He says he cares about me but clearly he doesn't. I'm just going to have to start doing things. I tried to be nice to him but not anymore..." Over some more muffled talking I hear the words, "Emergency Restraining Order" and more conversation about how unjust Dean has been.

7. Emily and I come to visit with mom for Mother's Day after being in San Jose for a couple days. Mom hands us new keys to the house and announces that because of Dean's threatening behavior she had to have the locks changed. She goes onto say that Dean left her a threatening note on the door and she had to call the sheriff because she thought she was in danger. Mom tells me specifically NOT to let Dean into the house -even though LEGALLY it's still his. 

8. Mom gets drunk at night on 7 glasses of Vodka and Tropicana and starts wandering from the living room to the kitchen saying stuff like "there's nothing here for me".

9. I'm at the house today. Dean comes. I go outside and explain things to him. He shows me the "threatening note" he left mom:

The note in reality WASN'T posted on the main house as mom had alluded to, but on the Storage Shed. It had the word "Beware" on it because behind the door itself were a pile of bags and things that would have gotten knocked over if someone had opened the door. He also asked her in the note NOT to change the locks to the storage shed. 

10. Dean started texting with mom and at 1pm my mom text me saying, "Dean threatened me in text again, so I'm calling the sherrif..." I ran out to Dean to see the alleged text in person. 

Dean stated in the text he wasn't happy about the house having the locks changed considering it was his house. Mom was aggressive and angry towards him and threatened to call the sherriff and sue him. Dean said he would counter-sue since he had the same rights to the house as she did. 

11. I then get pissed and upset and leave a note of my own for mom: 

For a person to plot to accuse a former spouse of either attempting or being capable of Domestic Violence when they have never and would never do that is INSANE and IMMORAL. The saddest part is Dean has gone out of his way to let mom make all the decisions with regard to the property and different shared items. He mostly just wants his stuff and any pictures of his son and daughter he can find. Everything else he doesn't care that much about. He's been calm and accommodating and mom Repeatedly keeps trying to treat him like crap. 

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