Monday, May 11, 2015

Break to End

For the past week this thought has occurred to me: Everything is Breaking. 

-My mom's getting divorced

-Rylie our dog died 

-My aunt Vicky's health isn't good

-My step-mom Kari's health isn't good

-My car's breaking down

And then I thought, "Maybe this is the way the world HAS to end. Maybe everything has to break and shatter for this world to truly come apart that it might rise like a phoenix from its own ashes." 

Or maybe this is just Hell rising. Maybe this is the way Hell "surfaces" onto this planet at the end. 

This world itself is falling apart with the Environment and Nature, War, Poverty, Crime, Emotional Pains... This is either the last stand of Darkness before the light at the end of the tunnel comes through, or this is Hell emerging and finally coming to light that it might at last be faced and conquered. 

Who knows... 

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