Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Update on Mom Issues

I talked to my dad about all the stuff going on with mom. He said that at one point during their divorce she tried to prevent him from seeing my sister and I by claiming he beat her and put her in the hospital. When the judge in the court asked for the proof of medical records showing this she had NONE. She has lied before to try and prevent someone in a divorce to get access to what they rightfully should have access too. 

Then she posted this on Facebook:

Mom: I want to say thank you for all the thoughts and prayers for my beloved family member Rylie, not only my border collie but the keeper of my secrets, the helper of my tears, the catcher of the ball i gratefully threw more than a 1000 times, a true security system and always by my side, had my back and was beloved by all who met her. A smart, beautiful, soft and smart companion. She passed away at 6 years, 4 months and 4 days, approximently 4:15pm she left my life and forever left lots of fabulous memories and an aching heart.

Mom: stacey, she had severe pancreatitis that caused her kidneys to go into renal failure....it happened so fast, gone within 5 days..

Mom: it looks suspisous..maybe my ex to be...

Stacey: If he could do something so sick he needs to b put down. Lucky I'm not around!!

Me: Rylie had Pancreatitis a couple years ago and was essentially on her death bed. The doctors said it would probably come back and when it did she probably wouldn't make it. It came back. The vet said her pancreas was ruined and her kidneys were following after -there was nothing we could have done. To DISHONOR Rylie's passing by then blaming her death on Dean who has looked after her just as you did is SICK.

She's trying to convince her friends Dean is capable of murdering a dog. Anything she can scrape together to make him look guilty so she can justify a restraining order so he no longer can have access to the property he has still in the house. 

I finally have to accept the fact that my mom has a severe mental or psychological illness in which she vilifies people and spreads lies she then believes to be the truth. 

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