Friday, May 1, 2015

Flourishing Artwork

Where we last left off I was worried about finances. So I prayed to God meditation-style and was basically "told" that as long as I was ok with money coming in in a non-traditional 9 to 5 job way that it would come in different forms and that God would take care of me financially the way a child is bu its parents. 

And sure enough I got $150 and $2500 back from federal and state tax returns. And then a woman saw my artwork on Etsy and offered me a place in an art show in San Jose called "RAW Artists". And I sold $200 worth of art prints there and lots of friends and family came to support me. 

And now my artwork in general is flourishing and I've been working day to day on varying art projects. And my friend Leslie wants me to finish working on her Website and Infographic resume. Lots of good things happening. 

On the downside my mom and my step-dad Dean are getting divorced. To be honest my step-sister and I thought Dean would leave my mom 10 years ago, but Dean realllllly wanted to make the marriage work. So things are now a little tense and uncomfortable between them and mom's going to be moving, but Dean and I are still close and I'm here to help ease the situation as much as I can. 

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