Tuesday, May 26, 2015

3 Verses of Random Thoughts

#1 Perrier v. Pellegrino v. Pinot Grigio

It's just awkward when I go to order a bottle of mineral water and I'm used to Pellegrino, but I can't remember if it's "Pellegrino" or "Pinot Grigio" because I'm stupid so of course I say, "Pinot Grigio", but because the clerk isn't an idiot like me he say, "We don't have Pellegrino, we have Perrier -is that ok?" and I say, "Yes", because it's all the same any way -Mineral Water is Mineral Water. Duh. 

#2 Bed, Bath, and Beyond v. Home Depot

This is something I've noticed as a female going into "male-oriented" stores. Not just the layout of the store itself, but the energy. Less organized and WAYYYY more intimidating as a female going into a male-oriented store. I suppose it's "emasculating" for men and a bit of a punch to the ego for them to go in female-oriented stores, but at least their better organized so you ultimately aren't in there as long. Also better lighting. 

Bed Bath + Beyond:

Home Depot:

#3 Lost Season 3 -aka "Post Exodus"

I was at a house-sitting job for the past couple of days. It was interesting because where last I left off on LOST I was just about to embark on the episode called "Exodus". Then the day I was supposed to start house sitting I first went to Oakdale, got 1/3 of my room, and moved it back to San Jose. Then when I went to go house sit I was given unlimited access to Netflix and picked up where I'd last left off on LOST. I never realized how religious/spiritual the show LOST really is, but it felt like I was meant to watch it to see that intuition always wins out in the end and everyone ends up ultimately being at the place their meant for. 

The show also shows that without objects we're kind of just left with who we are, and when we as people change for the better so do our circumstances and the way we handle things. We ultimately wind up in a better place because we better ourselves. 

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