Monday, September 22, 2014

Feminist or Humanist

There's a debate raging now as there has been for a while about Feminism v. Humanism. 

Feminists say: Women are Systematically being abused, oppressed, and degraded BASED on their gender in not just our society but Globally

Humanists say: ONLY focusing on women is selfish and excludes other victims. For instance Rape victims can sometimes be male. 

Rape victims can also be children. And animals. So it actually goes beyond "Human" when you go for the human approach. It goes into: ALL living life should be respected and NOT abused or degraded.

Hence the reason I'm now calling myself a Spiritualist. Divinity is in ALL living things.

However if we took a look around the world Right Now and saw which Living Beings with Divinity Within Them were suffering the most -odds are it's NOT men. At this point between sex trafficking, rape, lower pay, domestic abuse, genital mutilation, rape being used as weapon in war... WOMEN seem to be having the most issues right now. Next on that list: Black People in General.

So saying you're a "Feminist" Doesn't mean you don't Care About Children, Nature, Rape Victims who are Men... It just means that right now you're tending to focus more on women's issues because right now in general women Are Having the Most Issues.

And the thing is, most women tend to be Inclusive by nature. Most women WANT children -especially young girls -to be included in the subheading of "Feminist". They also see Rape as a problem in itself and aren't going out of their way to "exclude" men from anything.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: It's not about what label you give yourself or anybody else gives you -It's about what you do and how it affects other people.

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