Friday, September 26, 2014

ALL Is Forgiven

The other day I found out why Hell is now irrelevant to humankind. 

In the past people, when a person's soul was weighed down by negative things they had been led (by Darkness) to do or by negative things (led by darkness) that had happened to them, it was EASY for the Devil to grab souls and drag them down to Hell like sand falling through the cracks of God's hands -especially when those souls were unaware of God's ability to save them if they called on Him to. 

NOW more people should realize that between Jesus and God is a VAST, ENDLESS, ETERNAL Ocean of Forgiveness. For ALL things.

AND on top of all of this, the Devil did NOT create souls and therefore has NO right to them. It's ingrained in our heads from youth that THE DEVIL WILL GET YOU if you do XYZ -and therefore he has some sort of right to you. Murderers go to Hell because that's where they DESERVE to be. It's where they belong. But in reality, starting with Adam and Eve, without influence of the Devil God's children are PURE and INNOCENT. Humanity -and any individual human -would NOT be in a dark place if the Devil hadn't tainted them. So in the end, The Devil has NO right to ANY human soul. They ALL belong to God.

To say that God will not take in a soul for reasons XYZ belittles God by suggesting He does not see what the Devil has done OR that the capacity of His LOVE and FORGIVENESS for His own creations is limited.

The other thing I've come to realize is the LOVE that comes from ABOVE in general. We're taught -on the rare occasion it comes up or is mentioned at all in this world -that Angels fall into 2 categories: 

Either they're sweet innocent cherubs that sing and play harps -and that's all they do - OR they're Saint Michael the Angel with the Sword that will Battle Satan and Vanquish Any Evil. In reality, these beings -Especially human souls that have been Sainted -have a great capacity to LOVE. They are not just their to guide people or protect them like a means to an end -like some tool God built. They LOVE each other and the Beings God has created. They can be Your Friend. 

And its sad to think how much LOVE we have in US that goes to waste. Like the love a child has for every living thing around it. The pet dog isn't just an animal that wags it's tail -it's a best friend. That stuffed animal isn't just a ball of stitched fluff -it's a best friend. Children love in such a non-judgmental, free, unyielding way. If you told a child there was an angel named Saint Michael that would protect him if he ever called on him -that kid wouldn't just call in times of need, the child would wander around the house talking to Saint Michael and treating him like an invisible friend. Maybe that's WHY so many kids have imaginary friends. They're picking up on the spiritual instinct to befriend Beings that can't be seen with the naked eye that ARE watching out for them.

And this is the LOVE we should have for those above. For our relatives who sit watching and enjoying peace. For the Angels that wait to be called on and send love down. For Jesus who gives love freely to all. For God -our Creator -who is ALWAYS with us and WITHIN us.

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