Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Re: Dracula and Valentine's Day

Update on the evergoing conversation with myself through the passage of time that nobody else will probably care about:

In a previous blog I unwittingly wrote about Dracula and St. Valentine via what I thought was happenstance. Now I see there was actually some mispoints and some symmetrical overlap between the 2 concepts which initially seemed unrelated.

That's pretty talented though. To weave Dracula and the story of Valentine's Day/St. Valentine together. We assume day to day that some things can NEVER have anything in common or cannot reflect back on one another. 2 ideas or notions or references that must forever remain in opposition to one another.

For Dracula: 

I was focused at the time entirely on Mina's perspective and her soul. I was caught up in the fact that a Hollywood movie might actually be praising a woman for choosing Faith in God over Romantic Love or a Man. That NEVER happens. what I then failed to see was Dracula himself. I called him EVIL because as Hollywood ALSO continues to perpetuate there is Black and White Good and Evil and NO inbetween. 

However if you think about it, Dracula had reason to be pissed. YES he was a ruthless leader who barbarically killed people, but SOMEWHERE in there was a part of him capable of DEEP romantic love. Losing that love cost him everything. He THEN became unhuman. 

The movie hints at the end that Dracula finds Peace WITH Mina in Heaven because she was compassionate enough to release his soul from the tormented, nonhuman being he had become. 

It's a strange kind of love story in that it's kind of a LOVE for SALVATION kind of story rather than just romanitc love. 

And in the same way, Saint Valentinus was NOT involved in any kind of Romantic Love setting. It was devotional love to God and compassion towards a young, blind girl. It was a SHARING of divinity. And yet NOW St. Valentine has been belittled into being about the cutesy, romantic notion of love. 

So in IRONY: A story set out to depict Romantic Love and EVIL instead shows Love for GOD and GRACE. And a Saint that exemplifies Love of GOD is instead affiliated with sappy, Romantic Love.

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