Friday, September 26, 2014

Tough Discussion

The issue of Abortion is one 99.9% of people love to avoid. It's complicated. And messy. Whatever side of the line you stand on.

I've always maintained that NO ONE is rooting for abortion. No one's sitting there with Mardi Gras beads on waiving a glittering banner that says, "YAY Abortions are awesome!!!" NO. Even those who advocate for it do it from a position of "necessity" most of the time.

What it really comes down to is this: SCIENCE saying that it's a NON-SENTIENT "thing" -like organic material with no conscious conscience Verses BELIEF which says it is ENSOULED HUMAN BEING.

Personally I like the stand on the side of caution. Let's say we're on an alien planet where is issue is being debated and you have NO benefit to side with either. You are entirely unbias. What I would argue is that you RISK MORE by being in favor of abortion (on the off chance that they ARE ensouled and therefore suffer in a spiritual way). Better to play it safe. But it also has to be acknowledged that in some cases it can be WORSE to force a woman to remain pregnant and give birth. For instance: A young girl was raped recently and wanted to get an abortion on the basis that she didn't want it and she was going to commit suicide because of it. Now it's the baby's SOUL verses the mother's LIFE.

It's not easy to expect anyone going through that kind of spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, AND psychological struggle to give birth. EMPATHY demands you give GRACE and RESPECT to that woman and allow her to make her decision. 

My conclusion: These things happen. And HATE is never a solution to anything. ONLY Grace, Forgiveness, and Love. 

***Update: I was given spiritual understanding for how the issue of Abortion works on a spiritual level.  

1. God HAS to ensoul a human being. God knows when Conception happens and is going to happen. 

2. Jesus speaks to the soul before it goes into the "embryo" at the moment of conception. The soul is told of the fact that it will be aborted if it is going to be. It is hard to convey that kind of experience to a soul, but Jesus tries.  

3. A soul is put in the embryonic being, and since it is NOT very physical or mentally-oriented it is VERY spiritually in tuned with what is going on around it. When a YOUNG embryo is aborted within a few weeks it is a weird experience for the soul. But the greatest pain that soul experiences isn't death, it's being considered UNWANTED and UNLOVED and NON-EXISTENT by its mother.

4. At some point an embryo becomes Physically in-tuned with it's body. At this point you could call it a baby. When a Baby is terminated during pregnancy it suffers MORE pain because it is losing a BODY on top of possibly being unwanted, unloved, or believed to be of no value. 

5. What is the pain of a young girl who was forced into pregnancy by rape? What is the pain of a young woman forced into pregnancy by rape? It's hard to argue that One Pain is worse than another when you cannot speak to that pain. The pain of giving birth to your rapist's child after what happened. It's hard to say what kind of pain that would be like, so I leave it to that person to decide. 

6. Ultimately God feels ALL pains. All spiritual life comes from God and He is in empathy and spiritual sentients of connection to ALL pains. He also Understands All pains and does not Hate or Judge. He just understands. ALL people will end up in Heaven at some point to make peace with their pasts -both their past pains and the past pains they inflicted (even if unintentional).

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