Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Ghost Check-In 9-30-14

August 6th is when my world turned upside down. I thought it was when I made contact and started communicating through drawings with Henry. Nope. Ever since August 6th my life has gone topsy-turvy spiritually.

For some reason I'm not supposed to be alone. When it first began I was alone in my apartment dealing with heavy things and dark entities and light entities. Then for whatever reason I was sent to stay with my sister and our cat at our dad's house. Then our friends' house with their 2 cats. Now I'm back at my dad's house with the cat again.

Nights suck in general, but I've gotten used to them. I've been avoiding the issue of being intuitive and now I'm being jetstreamed into "psychic training". I'm sort of being trained through grace how to handle dark/negative beings and how to show them compassion and forgiveness. I finally feel like I have some sort of handle on things 2 months later, but I also acknowledge that means that something else is about to happen to change that. As soon as you conquer one mountain, God puts you on another one to climb.

I think, having dealt with dark spiritual beings at this point, I'm supposed to start focusing on people I come across in my daily lives. How to discern who they are and what they're meant for. Give guidance and spiritual advice. The best thing you can do is be a rose that slowly blossoms in someone's presence leaving a sweet perfume behind that they can hold onto. You don't "change" people. You open their eyes to more possibilities and share your visions of what you've learned from life. From there it's all in their hands.

Put your life in God's hands and let Him show others that by doing that they too can benefit -even if they choose not to do the same.

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