Monday, September 8, 2014

Work Situation

I recently got demoted accidentally, but I was also recently informed by my spiritual guides that I was going to be fired this month. So I'm cool with it. Basically work is getting worse as a way to "birth me" out of this lifestyle and situation onto a clear trajectory of spiritual path.

The old Marketing Manager that I used to be the Assistant for would constantly talk to me and have me work on projects involving my graphic design. Product Promotions, Product Packaging, eNewsltters...

Then about a year ago we hired the current "Marketing Manager". He has more of an engineering background with instincts to handle sales, so my work has become kind of a desert wasteland. I've been bored for a while and waiting for more work to utilize my abilities but to no avail. 

Then someone else in my company recently quit and more "work" needed to be done. Now I've got lots to do: 

-Update a LONG List of Contacts from the Sales Department into Constant Contact
-Upload New Datasheets to the Website
-Make Sure Distributor's Websites are Up-to-date 
-Fill Out Registrations and NEDA forms
-Complete Individual Sales Rep Commissions
-Support the Sales Department with the Current Product Promotion
-Update Work Instructions for the Operations Department (which I have nothing to do with...)

Basically I'm now Clerical Assistant to Everyone.

A lot changes in your mindset of work when you think any day may be your last. Your mentality shifts and suddenly it's, "Alright time to shutdown and cleanup." Closing Time, Time for you to go out to the places you will be from...

And frankly after all the work I've been given this past month, I'm grateful to be leaving. Now's a good time to bow out. I've wanted to quit now twice in the past week. To support this new transition into the unknown that I might never look back with regret, I've compiled a list of reasons things I will never miss

-Nothing to do at work/Mindless boredom
-Getting left out of marketing meetings in spite of being the marketing assistant while the new guy gets to go in
-Busy work/ ISO Audits
-Formatting Datasheets
-Not being outdoors (but seeing the beautiful outdoors from a window)
-Hide things, like spirituality for fear of being mocked while others openly mock spirituality/religious beliefs
-Being treated like I'm "young" and don't know much because I'm 26, even though I've worked in this country 3 years. 
-Wasting my youth and energy sitting in a cubicle wanting to accomplish something meaningful 
-Not having personal freedom
-Not being able to travel (Or only being able to in pre-approved, designated time)
-Not being able to hang with animals
-Not being HEARD
-Not being able to "Be Happy" (This happened once. I came in especially happy for no reason and within 30 minutes I had to burry it so I didn't stand out/get unwanted attention from people who were less happy that day) (You know it's bad when people ask you, "Why are you happy?" -As if you're suffering from sort of strange disorder or temporary sickness like a cold).
-Not being able to hangout with friends/co-workers just as human beings (We work 5 feet away from each other and talk maybe all of 5 minutes each day... about Work)
-Not being able to help people 
-The Stupid Protocol (In ISO Certification this translates into: "I need you to fill out this form, but before you can you need to get this person's signature, but only after you complete a portion of this form, which you can't until you get information from this person...)
-My artistic and spiritual talents not being used
-Not connecting to people in a deeply impactful way 
-All the Jane Austin,  social protocol, beat around the bush non-sense
-Social obligations I don't care at all about
-Being looked down on by people who don't understand me in the first place

In General: Working on projects I feel passionately about, trying to bring in clarity and creativity; then having those projects ignored, taken for granted, or shoved to the side -never to reach their fruition.

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