Monday, April 14, 2014

Weekend Meditation

I went to my mom's house out in the country this past weekend to meet her psychic friend Agatha so I could try to figure out what the entity is and how to get rid of it. Mom told me that for Friday night I was to spend the night in her bedroom with her and my step-dad Dean would spend the night in the spare bedroom. If anything happened during the night I was to text Dean to come in so he could make it go away. 

Starting to go to sleep I did sense the entity in the room, by my bed. It did touch me like it had before -little pokes on my arms and legs. Then mom came in. We were asleep until about 1am. Then I awoke to my mom kind of shouting, "NO! No! No!!!... and waving her arms like she was trying to keep something away from her. I thought she was either dreaming or something was on her. I shook her arm to wake her up and she looked at me and said, "I am awake! The ghost is here!" She calmed down after that but was breathing pretty heavily. I text Dean and he came into the room. 

Mom said she was sleeping when she felt an energy -not a presence - making itself known. She actually grabbed my hand and pressed it near hers and said, "Can you feel the energy -it's still here." I realized the ghost must have sent its energy towards her like it does me sometimes and her soul must have kicked in. I started to explain to her the difference between feeling the presence/energy of a ghost and feeling your own spiritual energy.

It was great for me to see how much I'd learned and how much I had to share and finally having someone else experience something so I could have my own experiences validated a little. 

The next day we met Agatha -and my mom also brought her friend Natalie. Agatha lives on a horse farm with at least 10 cats and one black lab dog. I immediately started bonding with the animals -I can't help it. I love animals and find they're easier to connect to than people a lot of the time. Agatha was born in Hawaii and lived there for a long time before moving to California. She carries herself in that way and has a demeanor that shifts between being funny/cooky and serious/strait forward.

I was a little skeptical about everything, but still pretty open. We sat down to do a meditation in her barn. Natalie was having personal issues. Like most people in small country towns her life seems to revolve around Family, Gossip, and Drama. She looked very tired and emotionally drained when we started off. Agatha spent half the time trying to work with mom and Natalie -telling them about chakaras and working with them on guided meditation. 

Then with me she said she wasn't initially picking up on the entity so she was going to do a deeper, group mediation to get clearer on that. She said I was pretty spiritual but needed to empower myself more and be more assertive/in-control with it. During the deeper mediation she started asking, "Who are you? What is your name?" And I started hearing the cracks on the walls of the barn like I experience in my apartment. I knew the entity had finally come and she was connecting with it. After the mediation ended she asked me if I knew a little boy who had a baseball bat. I said no, and was kind of confused by that. 

Then she said, during the mediation a being had come down from above. It was white-transparent mist in a bubble and she had asked it its name before letting it come closer. 

She said, "Do you have an uncle that past away?" 
I said, "Well there's my Uncle Bill who died of cancer 10 years ago."
She asked, "Did he have a cane? Was he kind of a prankster?" 
I said, "I think he had a cane and he was kind of a goofball."
She asked me what my relationship with him was like. 
I said, "We kind fo had a silent bond where we didn't really talk much ubt we understood each other." 
She said, "I get the impression that he misses you and the connection he had with you and wants to connect with you now. I also get the sense that he's kind of joking or mischievous and wants to prank you a little. He wants your forgiveness or wants to tell you something and gets frustrated and confused when he isn't coming across clearly to you or you ignore him. That's why he's scratched before." 

It all kind of made sense. Then she said when she had asked his name he had said his name was "William Roy". His name was William but everyone called him Bill. I'm not sure where the "Roy" comes in -maybe a last name or middle name. 

It was easier knowing it was a nice ghost/ relative, but at the same time harder to know how to handle it. And there's still some doubt in my mind that its him. There were nights when I was down-right terrified and its hard for me to imagine my uncle scaring me in that way with his presence.

We ultimately decided that the way Dean handles the ghost is best. He comes into the room, very in-control and in-command but is still kind of playful/kind to the entity when talks while still being assertive. He says, "Ok parties over, time to head on out. Leave this room and let them go back to sleep."

Last night I tried that. It's hard for me to be playful/non-defensive with the entity. I kept trying to imagine it as a kind or my sister -someone I could talk to with some level of both familiarity and authority. When I told it to leave the room I said, "Ok it's sleep time. I'll talk to you in the day time. You will leave my room and let me sleep now." I also said, "If this is Uncle Bill I just wanted you to know that I still care about you and appreciate the connection that we had. I want you to be at peace and we'll have time to hangout again someday."

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