Friday, April 4, 2014

Intense Night

This entity is really ramping up its energy. It's frustrating. And kind of frightening. 

Laying in bed. Not even 10pm yet. I feel a presence by my bed. It's close to my head. It feels like it's around my neck -which has happened before. I wonder if it's trying to choke me and just doesn't have the strength. I try to ignore it. I blessed my room before bed and did my spiritual exercises which did lighten the room. I trust God will step in when He needs to.

Entity leaves for about 5 minutes. Comes back. On the end of my bed. Like it's sitting there. Comes back towards my head. Is it trying to mindmeld or what? I tell it point blank to "Leave my room!" It doesn't.

10 minutes of silence. Then a STRONG sense of energy coming at me like a low-frequency hum in the air. Then BAM!!!! loudest crack/bang in the wall I've heard yet. Like someone running head first into the ceiling. I get up out of bed and re-do my spiritual exercise and bless the room with Holy water. 30 minutes later it comes back into the room. And once every hour throughout the night.

Around 4pm I wake up -accepting this as my new wake up time in general -and start listening to music. I feel the entity coming near again. It's by my bedside, near my head again. 5:11am. A "light" comes in -not a direct, solid light but a lightening of the room that catches my eye. I feeling of the presence goes away. Finally God kicks in. Then fades after about 5 minutes. The entity comes back and the light is gone. I try to emulate my own. No such luck. I'm too tired and weak. I go back to listening to music. Tuning out the ghost works just fine. It doesn't bother me when I don't think about it.

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