Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Theme of the Month: Drop Outs and Rescheduling

It finally came to a head yesterday and I realized: There have been a superfluous amount of people ditching out and rearranging things. 

This past month: 

Drop Outs: 

1. One of my co-workers/friends was on the fence with quitting her job at my work and moving to another company.

2. My friend Jos quit Toastmasters for the next 6 months because she was getting too busy.

3. Two formerly committed members at the top-most-inner-circleof our women's group who had said they would be around for at least another year are now backing out and leaving those positions. 

4. A client of mine who had sort of been stringing me along with her plans and adding things on my to-do list began backing out early last week and now wants to finish what she can and dive out completely.

Rescheduling like crazy: 

5. I tried to schedule to have a woman I met come by my house to host a jewelry party -only since my house is a tiny apartment I decided to go with my dad's house. I was then arranging and re-re-re-re-arranging things over the past week for a date for the party. 6 reschedules total. 

6. My friend Nadine, who's always prompt, rescheduled 3 times on me. 

7. An acquaintance who I haven't seen in a while rescheduled 3 times on me.

What is happening world?...

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