Thursday, April 17, 2014

Stupid Psychiatrist

I hate my psychiatrist. I actually didn't consider myself as having one for about a year or 2 now. The last time I saw my psychiatrist in person was about 2 or 3 years ago. The last time I talked to him over the phone was a year or two ago. The reason I ever talked with him over the phone was because he didn't renew my prescription and I had to go 5 miserable days off Zoloft suffering from withdrawals.

When I met him in person he went down a laundry list of possible mental disorders and checked off each one that applied. Then when he hit social anxiety disorder -the reason I was in there -it was pretty cut and paste. The entire conversation lasted maybe 30 minutes and then he prescribed me Zoloft and told me how much to take and how often. I check in with him maybe 2 times after that up the dosage and then never saw him in person after. 

What kind of psychiatry is that? A person walks in the room and in less than 30 seconds you diagnose them AND prescribe them medication? Then you never call or follow up with them as time and years go by, you just wait for them to call you because you forgot (again for the 7th time) to renew their prescription. 

I just got a check in the mail for $150 from him. It's for "Ongoing Pharmacology Management". Had he actually called or talked to me I the last year he'd know I stopped taking Zoloft because I knew I didn't need it anymore and have been doing fine without it since. It's frustrating.

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