Friday, April 25, 2014

Non-Profit Frustration

Last year our women's group raised $1200 for 3 causes almost without trying. I honestly don't quite remember how we did it other than asking for donations at each event meeting. 

This year we are not doing so well. The women's group leader decided we needed to shoot for a bigger goal: $2100 to be split between 2 non-profits.

I created a donation box and through direct peer pressure at one event by the women's group leader we now have $75.

The group leader then  as a general rule decided not to include speaking about the Causes at general events (which we have 2 times a month). So I'm basically out in the boondox of the Favorite Cause Division with no one else (except a woman who decided to rejoin with me earlier this month). My primary focus is Marketing and Implementing things behind the scenes, though I love supporting causes. 

Out of desperation and a suggestion that we create a peaceful warrior temporary tattoo I created a design and order some custom tattoos with the logo. They just came in and look awesome! I'm also ordering wristbands with the women's group logo and name on them. 

I'm selling the Tattoos for $3 each and the Wristbands for $5 each to raise funds. Much nicer now. 

Cost = $1 per tattoo. $2 profit per tattoo. 28 tattoos = $56 profit. :) 

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