Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Fitness Plan

For a couple years now I've been slacking on the whole "taking care of my health" thing. I was eating healthy and taking nutritional supplements a couple years ago but then I stopped. 

I've decided that since I've been through several phases in my life: Discovering Self, Self Improvement, Connecting to God, Serving Others... I think it's good that starting in the summer I enter a new positive phase of my life called "Being Physically Present". I feel like God is gently nudging me to this through the people that I meet. 

Beate = Nutritionalist I met from our women's group that helps people develop a sustainable workout routine

Heather = My friend from Toastmasters that teaches yoga

Lynetta = Massage therapist I met through women's group and have already seen once 

Alex = Plans on taking me to the gym regularly and is smart when it comes to knowing how I should be eating before and after workouts -very savvy with building muscle 

I think between my friends I can work out regularly and create my own "course" so I can learn what I need to do to stay fit and strong. I also like that all 4 people are also spiritual to some extent and often incorporate spirituality into their practices. 

Last night I went to Heather's yoga class. There were a couple times I thought: "This is too hard/painful and I'm shaking and this isn't going to work I just want to leave." But each pose would then end and we'd transition into something else. I love the child's pose -I needed it and clung to it more and more as the yoga session went on. 

I found that the yoga class was easy enough for me to handle and hard enough to stretch me and challenge me. I don't like that other people are around. I like that 95% of those other people are women -but they're really fit women who don't wobble when they pose. They seem very Abercrombie as well, so a little intimidating and not as "friendly" or welcoming. Everyone kind of seems like they're there for themselves in their own space and don't really want anything to do with the person next to them. Kind of a "don't distract me" energy. Like if you were taking a test at the DMV. 

I also didn't realize you need a yoga mat. I am aware now. You also need these weird block things that technically this yoga studio provides, but it'd probably be good for you to get some on your own. The yoga clothes they have are expensive -as is expected. Luckily there's this place called Sports Basement that I know has that stuff for a lot less price wise (they're like the Ross of Sportswear). 

It's all new and uncomfortable and awkward and embarrassing and slightly painful... but it's also good.

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