Friday, October 14, 2016

Dreams: Revisiting 10/11 and New Dreams 10/12

Dream 10/11: Had a very vivid, light, direct dream that was definitely more of a vision. I was with my dad and we were visiting with this older woman who was supposed to be a spiritual healer. She came up to me immediately and I could tell #1 that she was profoundly spiritual and #2 that we had a pretty instant connection. She said, “You have had abdomen/pelvic issues. As a woman and someone who has had those sorts of issues before I can always tell it in other women.”

So I explained that I had had a urinary tract infection and then 6 months later a trip to the hospital because of urinary retention that then lasted 2 months after. She then felt that part of my body and pulled out several stones representing my internal organs. She said, “Your kidneys have had issues and have been burdened. And your liver looks a little strained. But the main issue is ovarian cancer in your left ovary in particular. You need to see a doctor and possibly have surgery.” As she said this I felt calm, protected, and loved –like I didn’t need to worry because I would be taken care of. I also felt like this issue could NOT be solved spiritually and needed medical intercession.

I remembered that my family has a history of ovarian issues –including ovarian cancer and took this as a sign that this will metastasize if I don’t get it checked out and caught before it gets too bad. I also saw a table of dead fish, which didn’t make sense to me at first but I think represented me as a Pisces being dead if I didn’t do something about this. Again, the whole incident was calm and not alarming, just honest.

Needless to say I will be looking up the coverage of my Medicaid plan and trying to track down an ovarian doctor.

***Update 10/14: My step-mom hosted another women entrepreneurial party and I met some new people. One woman sold wine for OneHope –which is a foundation that contributes to multiple causes. I sit down at their table and she asks me, “Which wine do you want to try?” Normally I don’t drink wine, but the only one I’ve ever tolerated tasting was a Rose Wine. So she pours me the rose wine and as I take the first sip I ask myself, “What does this have to do with anything? Why the heck and I drinking this right now? How does this add to my life” Then the woman looks at me and says, “All the proceeds from this bottle go to Ovarian Cancer. And her words hit me and freaked me out.

So that’s when I pretty much decided it was time to do some research. My first 2 sources:

-The non-profit the Wine is supposed to go towards:
And I found out the main symptoms of ovarian cancer, which runs in my family, are:
Bloating, Pelvic and Abdominal Pain, Urinary Urgency or Frequency, Difficulty Eating and Feeling Full Quick

Well sh*t. I guess we know why a 28 year old with no excuse for urinary issues suddenly had to go to the E.R. for urinary frequency that turned into an infection that turned into retention.

Then I read what the TESTS for this issue were and it’s blood tests, ultra sound, and pelvic exam –which SUCKS. I thought it was past medical crap. And then found out the only true way of knowing is SURGERY. F*CK!!! So not happy right now.

How is it we’ve got the word out on breast cancer and we can get PAP test for cervical cancer –but the “silent killer” that ovarian cancer has been so eloquently named has NO real verifiable test outside of surgery yet?????? Not happy.

Dream 10/12: Had a 2 part dream. The first part was being back in my childhood room with my toys and my sister was there. She had a Simba lion king toy and I had Nala. In olden days I had stolen Simba and not told her. In this dream I gave her Simba back and told her we were meant to share. She didn’t really seem interested in the toys –like she had moved on from them.

The next part of the dream was very important. I dreamt I was among random people and there was going to be a horse race. My horse did not have a saddle or reins. I tried getting the reins together because they were dismantled and spent most of my time focusing on that. Then a sand storm came out of nowhere and I hopped on the horse as was and rode off to evade getting buried by the sand. When the sand cleared fire started falling from the sky –like ash from a volcano.

Which leads me to the main theme/issue I see that’s been coming up a lot. I call it “Heading to Higher Ground”.

Higher Ground

I’m not sure when but at some point in the near future, out of nowhere, there will be strange phenomenon that occurs. It will be BIG. It will be intense. It will seem out of place. It won’t be subtle. We’re talking lava flowing down your street or the sky turning purple. People will be frightened and they won’t know what to do.

This is essential: Go to Higher Ground. Go to a mountain or some God-made space in nature off of the flat ground. You will be safe and taken care of on the mountain.

I feel like the gravity of this gets lost in this present time because it seems so outlandish right now. It also has echoings of priests and men in streets crying of the end of times centuries ago. And yet, this is what I continue to perceive. I’m actually going to start warning the members of my family that will listen. It’s a simple concept. If weird sh*t starts occurring for no reason and it makes no sense and puts people in danger –head to the mountains. Call on God and you will be guided.

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