Sunday, October 23, 2016

Dreams 10-15 to 10-23

First off let me say I've seen 2 patterns emerging here in the past couple weeks. The week of October 10th to 14th and even this past week has shown that just about EVERYONE has had relationship issues. Divorces, break-ups, people moving away, arguments, tension, ending friendships. This world took a kind of beating and a kind of emotional severing these past weeks over strained and ending relationships. 

Then there was this other issue of INTENSE negativity in terms of ideologies, beliefs, opinions, politics, social issues... whatever you feel like calling that there was a severe vibration of regurgitated speaking coming through some people, and this place in general.

and then when things started feeling wayyyyy too overwhelming, God stepped in and a kind of CALM passed over everything and it was like it was "ok" to let go of the negative and almost like the negative was just a transient distraction. 

 Dream 10/15/16: Italy has been coming up a lot lately –especially in dreams. It seems like something important for me to be paying attention to right now for some reason. I dreamed there was a woman in Italy who had passed away –but whose remains had gone missing. There was a grand-daughter looking for her, also inquiring about an inheritance she was set to receive. She found the remains and documentation for her grandfather –which seemed pretty diplomatic/wealthy/commended with valiant medals. But the remains of her grandmother couldn’t be found and it was as if she had never existed.

Dream 10/16/16: Had various muddled dreams, but one of the clearer parts involved Tracy –the leader of the spiritual women’s group I joined about a month ago. She came up to me when I was in bed and basically told me to see a spiritual person about my possible ovarian cancer. She actually said for me to ask her about that person –who I could call on for that kind of help.

Dream 10/19/16: In this dream I was running around a lot doing various things. At one point I came across a place that looked like it was from Europe. There was a giant cathedral that looked like the Notre Dame. And then there was an entire square with surrounding buildings that looked like Rome or Italy. It was very elaborate and luxurious to walk through. I also saw people kind of dressed in Roman draping. Again it’s like Italy keeps coming up.
Dream 10/20/16: At one point in this dream I walked into a room and was surrounded by large, shattered mirrors with cracks throughout them. In each mirror was a person –sometimes several people –that looked depressed, frustrated, confused, and upset. I tried to reach them, but they were trapped within the glass. I sort of understood they were in a different “realm” –not really a different dimension like SciFi nerds would call it, but more like a different spiritual place.

God Manifesting Things 10/19/16: I recently got hungry and opted for the vending machine and got some lovely peanuts for $1.50. Yesterday got hungry again, but only had $1.25. So I basically threw it up to God and said, “If you can get me another quarter for the peanuts that’d be awesome and I’ll know I’m intended to have them.” I’ve done this before with things and it DOES happen. 2pm rolls around –snack time –and I go into a staff meeting and on the table is a HUGE bowl of nuts (and some goldfish crackers). I was like, “Well played God…”

God Manifesting Things 10/20/16: Because of what happened the day before I knew I didn’t have oatmeal or anything around to really eat for breakfast –not even a slice of bread. With no time on hand to go to the store, I decided to throw it up to God again. “If I’m meant to have breakfast tomorrow, you’ll make it happen.” 9am I have a department meeting and I go in and 2 girls bring in a bag and say, “We brought breakfast burritos for everyone in honor of one of our staff leaving for a new job opportunity soon…” AND it was vegetarian –no meat!

I feel like the more “in body” I get, which is becoming easier and more pronounced, the easier it is to manifest things physically. Soul works within body and through body and God is able to come through as well on more of a physical plane. Manifesting right now is so easy. You don’t even have to try. I actually got the sense that if I look for new work right now to see what jobs I can find I’ll be wasting my time because God is going to manifest that job in front of ME and I won’t actually have to go looking for it at all. J

Dream 10/22/16: Had 2 dreams last night.

Part 1: Had a dream there was a family reunion on my dad's side of the family and we were at grandma's old house. I was flying around at one point and everyone was happy and swimming in the pool. Then at one point I looked over and saw 2 orange and white horses that were maybe 2 stories tall. I swear I've seen them before in another dream at least once. These 2 horses were galloping around.

I think the dream represents that even though my family is kind of distant and fractured now they will come back again to one another in Heaven and we'll all be happy.

Part 2: Had a dream I was trying to collect all my angel cards -of which I have many. There was one pile of cards and as I started going through it I noticed all of these negative cards in the deck. They were of different kinds of pains, torture, goblin beings... so I weeded them out of the deck and pretty much decided to throw them away, because I only seek to focus on the positive.

Then I drew several cards form that deck. The first showed a musical instrument overlaying an image of a concert space and a golden sunset. The words: "1 Year of Music" were at the topic of the card and I understood that there would be 1 year where I was musically led. I've wanted to play music for a long time -and have the talent internally in terms of creativity, but lack the physically ability to sing, play guitar, dance... It would be cool though.

The next card I drew was 2 to 3 years of women's groups. It showed women in a circle by a lake. Women's groups have been a part of my life on and off for the past 5+ years or so, so that makes sense.

The next card was a lotus flower rising above a murky pond and it had this supernatural blue hue to it.

I think all this means that, besides meditating more, I should look to my angel cards for guidance again. Or they'll find a way to get messages to me in dreams. 

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