Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Dreams/Visions 10/10 and 10/11

Dream 10/10: I dreamed I was in a group and they asked me what my symbol was for my life. I wanted to say the Pisces Yin/Yang logo I created many years ago, but it didn’t quite seem to apply. So instead I just went for it and explained the angelic mermaid symbol*** and what that represents –which is interesting because that came up a lot for me the day before this dream.

Then I dreamed the group –which apparently was part of the non-profit I worked for, wanted to expand by moving into a bigger building. Trump had a 48 story building available with rooms to rent and so they went to go look at the rooms only to find the rooms were fake and made of cardboard. They appeared good, but weren’t structurally sound and were falling apart behind the scenes. Trump was still going to try and sell this space to them in spite of knowing this.

***Angelic Mermaid Symbol: This has been coming up repeatedly for me over the past year or two. Mermaid: Women of the Ocean = Pisces. Delving deep into understanding and fathoming great depths of concept. Water being one of the most spiritual elements, given the fluid nature of spirit itself. Oceans are vast and have been parted, walked on, and used to baptize. Water is the Sacred being present on Earth. The mermaid with angelic wings is also unified with Heaven. Not just a being of the sea or of the earth in a spiritual way, but able to rise into the Heavens themselves. This symbol represents 2 seemingly contradictory worlds coming together in unity and harmony –like the sky merges with the ocean when you look off into the distance. The sea reflects the sky reflects the sea. And so Heaven is reflected onto Earth and the 2 worlds merge into 1.

Dream 10/11: Had a very vivid, light, direct dream that was definitely more of a vision. I was with my dad and we were visiting with this older woman who was supposed to be a spiritual healer. She came up to me immediately and I could tell #1 that she was profoundly spiritual and #2 that we had a pretty instant connection. She said, “You have had abdomen/pelvic issues. As a woman and someone who has had those sorts of issues before I can always tell it in other women.”

So I explained that I had had a urinary tract infection and then 6 months later a trip to the hospital because of urinary retention that then lasted 2 months after. She then felt that part of my body and pulled out several stones representing my internal organs. She said, “Your kidneys have had issues and have been burdened. And your liver looks a little strained. But the main issue is ovarian cancer in your left ovary in particular. You need to see a doctor and possibly have surgery.” As she said this I felt calm, protected, and loved –like I didn’t need to worry because I would be taken care of. I also felt like this issue could NOT be solved spiritually and needed medical intercession.

I remembered that my family has a history of ovarian issues –including ovarian cancer and took this as a sign that this will metastasize if I don’t get it checked out and caught before it gets too bad. I also saw a table of dead fish, which didn’t make sense to me at first but I think represented me as a Pisces being dead if I didn’t do something about this. Again, the whole incident was calm and people –not alarming, just honest.

Needless to say I will be looking up the coverage of my Medicaid plan and trying to track down an ovarian doctor. 

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