Sunday, October 2, 2016

Dreams, Deja Vu, Visions 9-21 to 10-2

Dreams 9/21:

Dream Part 1: I dreamed I was tracking various kinds of non-profits in a spreadsheet. 3 particular kinds emerged –one clearly had to do with nature and one had to do with heart/human compassion. After I woke up I thought about it and it reminded me of the spiritual spreadsheet I did on where I was at with regard to various causes. I’m tracking non-profits in spreadsheets at work, but there’s synchronicity with the spreadsheet I did tracking which causes mean the most to me and I tend to care most about.

Dream Part 2: Dreamed there was a non-profit for dogs and cats I was contributing to.

Dream Part 3: I dreamed pretty vividly of Sponge Bob standing outside his pineapple house drawing a graph in the sand that he then titled his “friend zone”. He then sought to add as many people into the graph as possible so he could attract friends. The amount of people grew and pretty soon he had his own kingdom. Then somebody else came in and tried to take “control” and be king and Spongebob was like, “That’s not the point. The point was uniting friends –not controlling an entire people.

Dream Part 4: There was more non-profit stuff going on. Then I met up with my friend Nina and we watched sill videos and I got to ride in the back of a truck.  It felt freeing and like we were just having fun and really living. I think that’s a good point. Non-profits are supposed to add to life, not distract you from it. They should make you feel like you’re genuinely engaging and living –not working.

Dreams 9/23:

Part 1: I was wandering through the woods and hanging out with people –pretty light and contented. Then someone asked if I was looking after the baby animals. I said, “What baby animals?” and then they showed me a BUNCH of different baby animals that were around –foxes with babies and owls with recently hatched babies… and then I saw an aquarium/zoo and they even had an orca whale with a baby orca.

Part 2: I went to go to my dad’s old house to watch our 2 dogs. They were running around in the front yard and I noticed there were a lot of Ghost Animals around. Then I realized there were a LOT of ghost animals around the world. That these ghosts hadn’t been crossed over and were carrying a lot of negativity and “weighing down” the spiritual energy of the planet.

Part 3: Had a vivid dream of being in some kind of store. Then I got on the ground and started opening up the internal pockets of my jacket and there were beautiful books edged in gold leaf with peoples’ names written in gold on their covers. I called out each person’s name and each book matched with the name of a person in the room. They were surprised to be called and LOVED receiving the books out of nowhere. I think the books contained knowledge about themselves and their lives. Then I went to pull out what I thought would be my book and instead ended up pulling out Lord of the Rings 1, 2, and 3 –which I’ve been meaning to get and have felt compelled to watch lately. 

Part 4: Had a dream my step-sister Sarah was cleaning out mom’s house since she’s moving –and was in Emily’s (my sister) room. She was getting rid of her old toys and throwing them into bags. Then this image popped into my head of this writing book my sister had lost and had desperately tried to find. She actually named it “Starkle”. I told her to keep an eye out for it –my sister had said there were important things written in there that she needed to write a story. Then 2 minutes later Sarah found it! This is kind of interesting because my sister called me yesterday and said she wanted to write with me and bounce writing ideas back and forth.

Dream 9/24: I was in India and an Indian woman was talking to me and she said, “When a spiritual leader comes you don’t hesitate. You follow them. Like I did with Gandhi. Where he walked, we walked. Even though my child sometimes was stubborn or had trouble keeping up –you would not stop. I would carry him. You go where the leader goes.”

Dreams 9/25:

Part 1: Yet another dream about Excel Spreadsheets and non-profits. This is what you get for spending 3+ hours each day looking up various non-profit info. In the dream I was at work looking up non-profits and adding their info to Excel. Then my friend/co-worker Michelle asked if I wanted to go to McDonald’s –which felt like a regular thing I would do in the dream. I don’t remember if I debated over the health implications of eating McDonalds that regularly but I did when I woke up. I haven’t been eating very healthy foods for lunch every day at work –one week it was just microwaveable mac and cheese every day. Which is why this week I went with Salads, Bananas, Apples, Avocados, and Veggie Soup.

Part 2: Dreamt I was at a non-profit event and this man came up to me and said, “Ok you’ll be speaking 3rd today…” And I was confused like, “Wait? I’m speaking??? About what?!” And he said I had to give a speech about the non-profit I work for. At first I felt kind of lost and like I couldn’t remember anything, but then I kind of felt like I had it and would do ok. Then he came back and said, “Never mind, your portion has been cancelled.”

Dream 9/26: Had a dream I can’t remember that well. At one point I met and befriended the Property Brothers. Then at some point that changed into a dream that basically emphasized the difference between what a non-profit claims to do and what they actually do.

Dream 9/27: I dreamed I walked into my sister’s room and it had painted wall murals that had kingdom/medieval theme for kids going on. Like a Shrek thing without the ogre. So I told my sister I would repaint it and showed her pictures of wall murals from Italy. I said I’ll kind of stay to the theme of “enchanted castle” but in a mature, beautiful way that’s reminiscent of classic Italian art.
Then later in the dream, my mom came to me and she brought me a Christmas present. I opened it and it was a Goo Goo Dolls (one of my favorite bands) cookie to eat. I was happy and split the cookie with her. When I remember the dream I knew logically that it was my mom, but in terms of personality didn’t seem like my mom. She seemed nicer. It may have been a depiction of how things are meant to be –rather than the way they are right now.

9/27 Intuition: Weird way of picking up on stuff that’s coming. Lately I’ll look at my phone right before someone calls. Today while I was focused on a project at work I suddenly remembered another task I’d been given to do 2 days before. 2 minutes later I got an email from my boss reminding me of that project. Then at 11:30am I smelled bbq chicken and even kind of wanted bbq chicken but there was none. But I swore I could smell it vividly. Then at 1:15pm a couple hours later someone brought in bbq food for the office. I’ve also been having déjà vu off and on at Home.

Dream 9/28: I dreamed my dad bought a giant RV trailer to live in. I blame him watching the Tiny House show on HGTV for this dream. I had a room in the giant trailer and was having a hard time figuring out how to get all my stuff into the trailer while also acknowledging I wanted to find my own place soon.
Then the dream went on and I moved out of the trailer and got a job as a nurse. I was pretty calm when it came to handling people’s wounds and illnesses. I liked caring for people.

9/28 Intuition: Was driving in the car on my way to work and at one point the sun’s glare got so bad it was hard for me to see the road. Then this phrase kind of came to me and it sounded like a Buddhist/Indian person saying it: “When there is glare it is hard to see.” And it made me try to figure out what metaphorically was being said –which was challenging at 7:45 in the morning.

So I thought, “What does glare represent? The sun is bright and warm –something good is distracting?” Then clarity came to me and I understood that “glare” referred to something imposing, hard to ignore, and distracting. Something that you’re kind of in or have to face. So I realized that for me meant The Workplace.

And then I thought, “So what is hard to see then?” Then I realized SPIRITUALITY. Basically the message meant that my job and career work in general was kind of a glaring distraction from “seeing clearly” in terms of intuition and spiritual connection. This environment clogs up internal/spiritual functioning and makes it harder for Heaven to come through you.

I’ve decided to try and find some visual representation of spirituality to have around externally to Remind me throughout the day to connect to God and keep my mind/being focused on greater things.

Dream 9/29: Had a lonnnnggggg drawn out dream about talking to people and doing lots of things –and I know that’s what it consisted of –but the only vivid portion of the dream I can distinctly recall is looking at rocks that had gemstones in them and collecting the different gemstones rocks. And that just sounds so much like something I would do. Important stuff is going on and then I’m like, “OHHHH!!! Shiny gemstones!”

Inclusivity Issue #3 9/29: Got in trouble for not attending the full meeting for our department because I was in an eWay training session that ran over and had other things to do afterwards. Also got in trouble for not opting into an optional group outing. "You need to include yourself in more things." Right. Because inclusivity matters here. Except when it comes to people sharing Thoughts and yah know, things like that. Then not so much.

Dreams 10/1:

Part 1: Flashes of past murders that had occurred and file cases being looked up online. Then I see them happening live via what looks like hidden camera footage and victims that would otherwise be dead are managing to escape and get away -either because God guided them or someone intervened.

Part 2: Went on Facebook and saw my friend Amy posting pictures of her trip to Mexico. Then when I saw the pictures it was like I was there and transported to Mexico. I was wandering around like I just arrived at Disneyland. And this is kind of true, when I see pictures my friends post of exotic locations I do try to envision myself there.

Part 3: I was part of a girl group that was in an exclusive kind of school. We were sort of "glamping" and trying to work on different projects. At one point we were by a pool and a ghost started frightening/bothering the teacher. So I got up, walked over to it, and crossed it over like it was no big deal. The teacher then thanked me and none of the other girls treated me any differently.

Part 4: This dream is hard to get ahold of. I was working in a hotel/airport and was sending people down this waterway. I had an excel spreadsheet that told me where each person needed to go -mostly based on where they were at in terms of spiritual growth. Then this one person came up to me and asked me if I knew the Buddhist story of the boy, the monkey, and the sacred gingko tree. I saw the story vividly in my mind and told him, "Yes of course I know that story." And it seemed to have some moral lesson or piece of wisdom attached to it that I was meant to know. Not actually sure if I do know the story though -I certainly can't remember it, but it seemed important.

Futuristic Understandings 10/2: Right now the world IS coming together. It seems like it's falling apart, but there's more solidarity and unity than ever. Today I got the understanding that the primary reason this is happening is #1 because Earth is rising closer to Heaven and #2 because the negative influences of Hell are also rising and trying to claim everything before it's lost to them forever. The last part seems to be coming up in terms of relevance to now. I think the day will come soon when the "third eye" of people is opened and they start "psychically" perceiving of entities in general. When that happens -and it may happen abruptly -people will panic, react in fear, think they are going crazy, and generally find themselves tormented by negative entities. Those that know this territory already will then step in to guide them and bring them back to a calmer path. It feels like this will happen sooner rather than later. 

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