Sunday, October 16, 2016

Angel Cards for 10/10 to 10/16

This week has been a rough one. I'm very clear on intended future paths and positive opportunities coming up, but this world is full of so much volatile bullsh*t right now that my head is still swimming with all that toxic nonsense. 

My Card 10-09-16

Got a new Angel Card set and this was the first card drawn. It's appropriate on multiple fronts. That week was the birthday of 3 people so I was looking for gifts to give them. Then I'm volunteering for some non-profit activities coming in a couple weeks. And this time is definitely the time of giving with Thanksgiving right around the corner. 

Doreen's Card 10-11-16

Dentist has been coming up a lot lately. There's a spiritual dentist who like art and takes a holistic approach to helping her patients that is looking for a social media marketing person. The signs for dentist have been popping up a lot for me. 

*Dentist –A lot of the non-profits that I was going through for the United Way partner agency list were dental-related on the last one I was working on, which was right around the time I found out about the possible job opportunity with the dentist lady who likes collecting artwork and is looking for a social media marketing person.

*Dentist –In the car the other day on the way to visit a non-profit one of the campaign reps wanted to go over her email to a Dental company to help encourage their employees to donate.

Doreen 10-12-16

My friend Tony was someone I met at an at-risk youth mentoring program 2 years ago. We befriended each other in person then on Facebook. I've tolerated a lot of Tony's convoluted thoughts -which don't usually make much sense. It becomes harder when those thoughts are sexist or promote violence/abuse to women. Then he crossed the line -thanks in part to Trump -and I had to sever with him. I was distraught and felt sick. I went back and forth because I have this policy that says, "You can believe whatever you want and I'll make peace with it knowing that negative thoughts aren't really YOU, only mistaken beliefs you have lost your line of sight to." 

But I can't when it comes to rape/abuse/derogatory treatment towards women. I just can't subject myself to hat bullsh*t. It hurts too much. 

So I severed. And I haven't regretted it or felt bad about it. Then I saw this card like an hour after it happened and it was kind of re-assuring. You need to let the darkness side with darkness and the light side with light. Keep moving upwards towards divinity. In Heaven all will be made right and all will understand. 

I don't hate Tony. I'm not even angry or mad at Tony. I know he's a good guy underneath it all. Tony's always just been kind of lost. 

Me Cards 10-13-16

The woman who made these angel cards was having a small conference call session. It's pretty hard to get in sync with meditation and higher connection while holding a phone to your ear, but I managed. She asked us to draw cards and these 2 came up. I understood pretty quickly what they meant. Liberation = God leading me out of the pains I've been felling lately emotionally and physically. Fulfillment = God leading me TO a place of fulfillment where I can finally enact whatever major purpose I've come to this earth for. 

During the call, when I was asked what my thoughts were -after a woman had opened up about her recent struggles -all I could really say was how Valid and Helpful the cards and my version of meditation have been and how I tend to use them so it might guide some of the other people on the call that had never used them before. 

Doreen 10-14-16

Again more affirmation that my career path will work out better now that I've gotten clearer on what I really want to be doing for money/work.  

The other cool thing that happened this week is discovering a non-profit that's kind of up in the hills/mountains with pine trees around it. When I arrived I KNEW I was meant to be there. I heard about he great things they were doing for veterans and met the great staff that worked there. And then it occurred to me, if that vision I've predicted happens and the sky starts raining fire balls or something weather-related happens that's major, I can go to this place in the mountains that has a food pantry and shelter and essentially be safe. It's that place I've been looking for -a Sanctuary during "Biblical" times of great turmoil that may come. 

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