Sunday, October 9, 2016

Dreams: 9-30 to 10-09

Dream 9/30/16: Had a dream I was back at my grandma’s big house out in California. Only Leonardo DiCaprio owned it. My sister and I needed a place to stay and he basically said we could stay there as long as we wanted to. So we were hanging out in the pool and having a great time swimming. I woke up with this understanding that my grandma was MEANT to have that particular house and certain people are MEANT to be in my life that will give me shelter/protection/help when it’s needed.

Dream 10/03/16: I’ve been having a lot of dreams about my step-sister Sarah and her family lately. Dreamt I went back to Oakdale and was at my mom’s house and I was in Elementary School again. I initially got excited because to me that meant I could draw, run around, read, and do whatever I want with very little work being imposed upon me. Then the dream changed and I was 15 years old and Sarah and I had to go back to High School again. I was upset because I knew it would mean a burden of paper work for stuff I’d already done and already knew. It seemed like a waste of my time. I think the dream means I’m meant to live a more fulfilling, creative life –not just sit behind a desk doing data entry.

Dream 10/05/16: Had a dream that I and someone else who was a friend were deeply driven to compete with my sister Emily at Pokemon. I had a couple Pokemon but they were at lower levels –like 17. Emily of course had a superfluous amount of them at levels from 45 to 90. I felt deeply competitive –almost in a dark, insecure way –towards Emily. I know we have some very minimal instances of rivalry, but this was ridiculous…

Dream 10/07/16: This dream seemed random in terms of content, but very purposeful in terms of symbolism. At one point in the dream there was a guy who was an architect that I befriended. We flew over a city and he showed his designs for various businesses and shopping centers –which looked very immense and impressive. We were discussing architecture and I mentioned Italian architecture was my favorite.

Then the dream changed and I walked into what I thought was my step-sister Sarah’s kitchen in her home. Then I saw it was a huge grocery store/restaurant. You could go down any aisle you wanted like a giant fridge and get ANYTHING. You could put it on a plate and cook it in the kitchen section of the store. They also had pre-made hot food. I asked her what that place was and Sarah said it was a community grocery store/kitchen/restaurant. For a monthly fee of $40 you and your family could get whatever you wanted as frequently as you wanted from the store.

We then sat down in this building and ate food together: Sarah, her husband Thomas, their daughter Adelyn, my step-dad Dean, and a new daughter they had just adopted that was an African-American girl about 7 years old. They then offered me a plate of Italian lasagna, but I said there was too much garlic and it was too much “Italian” even for me. 

Then I woke up and knew that for whatever reason ITALIAN was important. It kept coming up and I have no idea what it pertains to, but it matters pretty deeply. The African-American girl was also significant, but I don’t know what she represents.

Déjà vu 10/7/16: I remember VIVIDLY either a dream or something like it where I was entering in data for partner speaker surveys from MHUW. I remember in the dream thinking, “What the heck is this for” because I was focused so intently on updating the information. And there I was today filling out that EXACT SAME Excel sheet of data. It was like a flashback from a dream.

Dream 10/08/16: Had a very vivid dream about wandering in an open fields and various saints I have never heard of appearing to me. One was a great man who kind of looked like the "white" depictions of Jesus. He said his name was Saint F??? Sh?????. I think he was Scottish? He was very warm and embracing and he hugged me and was abundantly happy to see me. Then there were 2 women saints. One was wearing a blue dress and had very longggg brown hair that was wavy. The other woman I can't remember very well -even though I talked with her the most. I was warned that a drought and famine were coming, but that everything would be ok and God would provide for people.

Dreams 10/09/16: I had about 5 different dreams last night. The first was about work, only the office was much more fun and creative and they were giving me bigger projects to work on. I was also bonding more closely with some of my co-workers and really getting to know them as people.

In the next dream I was flying around my grandma's old house. I've had several dreams now that involved me hovering/flying -and several dreams about my grandma's house. Not sure what it represents, but I like flying, I'm pretty good at it :)

Then I had a dream I was riding a bike at night down a country road and all of the sudden space aliens flew in from above. I debated whether or not to allow them to abduct me. I opted out, was pretty frightened of that possibility.

Then I dreamed I was wandering through a Target store looking for shoes to buy. When I woke up I realized I really should get new shoes. My shoes now can NOT withstand snow and I can't wear my snow boots to work -which sucks in my mind. Being "nicely dressed" seems stupid if it can't withstand the natural elements. So I'm going to get new shoes today when I go to Target. 

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