Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Update on Friend

I sent an email to a therapist named Victoria I saw a couple years ago. My friend who was raped has seen her as well, but still doesn't currently want any therapy. Since I'm still "in the dark" about everything and I'm not supposed to know what I know I asked Victoria for advice on how to handle the situation.

Victoria said -tell the friend who told you about the situation to talk with your friend that needs help. Have her say, "I'm concerned about you and I'm afraid if you don't seek help then you may end up doing something awful -like committing suicide. I would then blame myself for not stepping in. You need to at least call and talk to a therapist to get some advice on how to handle this. You can't just take this all on on your own. If you don't talk to someone about this, I'm going to have to tell someone about it from my end. You need to get help. Please talk to a therapist -you don't have to go to one, just talk with one over the phone.

Victoria then told me to fill her in on what my friend's response is to this instruction and what she thinks of this plan. I think it's greatmazing advice and it may be the thing that finally gets my friend the help she needs.

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