Sunday, March 17, 2013

Update on My Friend

I can now count 4 women in my life who have been raped.

My aunt had to get a restraining order against a man she had dated who hunted her down and attacked her. I found out from my grandma.

My other friend was raped when she was 19 after a guy she liked and was hanging with at a party took her to his hotel room when she was drunk and forced himself on her.

There was my recent friend -who is doing better  after opening up to some more people about what happened, though she still has a long way to go.

And today I found out my step-aunt, an energetic Aries, was raped when she was 4 years old. And then when she was older was continually abused sexually for over 15  years.

I never would have expected any of these women to have suffered what they all have been through. What is wrong with this world???

Only one of these 4 women has overcome her challenges -my step-aunt -and now serves as a grief counselor for women who have been raped and abused. The only thing I can really reason for her overcoming the issue is the perseverance inherent to all Aries and the connection to God she has - and also being deeply involved with the church.

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