Monday, March 18, 2013

Paranormal State

I take back what I said about Paranormal State being boring. Our of boredom I started watching the show and it's a lot greater than I initially intended.

It's not as scary/intense/dramatic as Ghost Adventures, but that's one of the reasons I've grown to have greater respect for it.

Paranormal State is hosted by Ryan Buell (a Cancer turned Pisces). As a Pisces he tends to be more monotone, calm, and simple in his hosting approach -especially when compared to the eccentricities of the Aries hosting Ghost Adventures.

Ryans approach is also more effective, though he usually has less tangible evidence in the end (highly due to the fact that his equipment is not as effective as those used in Ghost Adventures).

Ryan goes in and start gathering facts about the case. Using his team of fellow investigators, they do historical background of the area/building/home they are investigating. Ryan then calls in one of 3 highly respected psychics to tell him exactly what or who is in the house and why. 2 of the most well known psychics are Chip Coffey and Lorraine Warren.

After assessing who/what is haunting the area, Ryan devises a plan to help the spirits cross over so they are no longer stuck there. If it is a demon, then he usually calls in a well known priest to help get rid of it.

Unlike Ghost Adventures which just goes in to gather evidence and then leaves with no solution to the problems people face, Ryan and his team do there best to ensure whatever spiritual entities are there cross over.

Lastly it should be said that Ryan is Catholic and usually participates in the purification ceremonies himself. He seems very sincere and doesn't tend to over-react to things. Kudos to this show for not trying to go out of their way to prove ghosts exist, but more importantly try to help those who are being negatively impacted by the entities that reside in that space.

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