Monday, March 4, 2013

Birthday at Mom's

My friend Katie (an Aries in its virtue) whom I've always admired and looked up to when I was younger recently moved back. We met at an ice cream shop and ended up talking for 2 hours. She's one of the only people I know I can spend years apart from and meet up again and feel totally at home with as if a day hadn't passed since our last conversation.

We talked about everything -family, college, work, friends, relationships, God... we pretty much covered everything. But unlike any other conversation I would normally have with a person what we really ended up discussing is what we've come to learn. It's like seeing a movie and running into a friend who's seen the same thing and instead of just going over scene by scene we discuss the meaning behind each moment. Despite the fact that she's lived in Washington and I've continued living in California and we haven't talked for a couple years now we've somehow come to find the same conclusions about life.

Then I spent time with my family. Had a couple weird experiences spending the night at that house. I was nervous about having experiences since I'd been having some at my apartment. For some reason I seem to experience stuff around my birthday. Anyways, I did get the sense that at several points during the night there was someone there. But as I'm used to doing I just tried to brush it off and ignore it so I could go back to sleep. I still refuse to sleep upstairs and I'm still a little hesitant about going up there alone. It's just different up there.

I also got to see my "adopted sister" Chelsie. She's adorkable. It's interesting how with some friends you can have deep, long conversation and it's more about talking and with other friends you don't end up saying much but you feel a great deal of love for them just for being around.

One of the most memorable parts of my visit was when I received the strangest birthday present I have ever gotten -a stick of mace. My mom's a little on the overly protective side and she made my sister and I test the mace before we left so we know how it works. First let me say :Wind Conditions are Everything.Do Not Spray into the Wind. I tried spraying away but even at that the sent of the pepper still made me cough and sneeze. That mace is not messing around.

Part of me got a little paranoid about it. Life happens for a reason and I've found more often than not that these small "coincidences" or odd occurrences that seem random end up being significantly defining later on down the line. So now I'm paranoid that I was "meant" to get the mace because at some point in the future I will need it...

The last thing that I noticed before heading out of town was a final conversation I had with my sister. when I talked with Katie I did mention how my sister seemed to keep finding guys to date who had similar traits -and one of the more prominent traits was the fact that they were mostly atheistic. They either hated God or wanted to completely ignore even the possibility of him. So when I was on my way to my car I thought it was weird that my sister brought up one of her newer friends in this way. She asked what he was based on his birth sign -he was born a Taurus. But she said he was more scientific and he had believed in God at one point but now didn't really think He existed. I told her he sounded like a Virgo. She was excited -80% of her friends are Taurus so I guess he wanted a little more variety for some reason.

It's just weird how people tend to attract the same kind of dysfunction found in others. Like attracting people, befriending people, and hanging around people who tend to be controlling and possessive -even though you don't necessarily say you like that quality. For me it's kind of the opposite. 90% of all my friends are spiritual/religious. I tend to attract people who seek to improve themselves and want to grow as a soul. It's weird. It's not like I have a list of prerequisites a person has to fill to be my friend, I just generally tend to connect with people who for one reason or another seem to have these traits. I know I'm more soul-focused so I guess it makes sense that the way I connect best with others is on a spiritual sort of level that then needs the other person to be spiritual as well on some level.

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