Friday, March 1, 2013

Hulu, Ghosts, and Being Psychic

Recent shows I’ve found on Hulu worth watching –for one reason or another:

School Spirits 
Haunted Highway - hilarious
Paranormal Witness
Great British Ghosts
Technically Ghost Adventures is on there but I’ve already seen every season except the new one.
Paranormal State –which is kind of boring 

I don’t know why I’ve always sought ghost shows, books, and movies out. It’s like a subconscious urge that I get compelled by. Kind of like when I saw the movie Jaws I went out of my way to study sharks and read the book itself. 

I think when you’ve experienced something profound or frightening you seek information and understanding so you can accept it and move on. You never fear what you understand. It’s the unknown that makes it frightening. Hence the reason so many people fear death and the future.
I also like hearing the struggles other people have gone through regarding the supernatural because it makes me feel like I don’t have it so bad. 

I’d say the most significantly impactful episode I saw was two days ago from the School Spirits show. 2 girls started attending the same school. One had been psychic since she was young. She was kind of a loner, not religious –more spiritual, and she wasn’t frightened by the ghosts she saw because none had ever harmed her and she was used to seeing them. 

The other girl was more of a socialite who considered herself to be “normal”. When she started seeing ghosts around campus she thought she was going mentally insane. She told her parents and started seeing a psychiatrist. He could not find anything definitively wrong with her. She felt hopeless and confused. She started drawing the people and things she was seeing on paper so she could get them out of her head to make herself feel better. 

Then one night her roommate saw a dark figured man in their room –the same one the girl had been seeing- and that’s when she put the pieces together and realized she wasn’t going insane. Someone else could see the same things she was seeing. 

Afraid and not sure what to do, she found the psychic girls and asked her to get rid of the ghost in her room. The psychic girl saw the ghost and told her it wasn’t malicious. She told her to deal with the problem on her own. The girl felt even more hopeless and ending up moving out of that dorm room and into another. The new dorm she moved into was the only one available and when she walked in she was surprised to see the psychic girl. 

Since the 2 were living together they started experiencing the same things. The psychic girl helped the newbie girl handle her “gift” and not be afraid. Then the psychic girl had a bad run-in with a demon. Not knowing what to do and being terrified, the psychic girl turned to the newbie girl. Newbie girl was raised in a very religious household. She always wore a cross and new that demons couldn’t harm anyone if that person was close to God. 

It seemed to me like fate had brought the two of them together for a reason. One needed to learn that, contrary to popular belief, ghosts do exist and it’s something to be accepted- not feared. The other needed to learn that being purely spiritual wasn’t good enough, because you can run up against things that require a spiritual strength greater than your own. 

I felt like I was kind of meant to see this. I was in a mental debate with myself over the whole “psychic” thing this past week. I’m good at reading people’s energies/souls and figuring out why they tend to do things. I’ve also experienced supernatural things. But I don’t want to be psychic and open that door. 

I had come to the conclusion that ignorance was bliss and not being psychic and just ignoring that spiritual plane of existence was better than seeing everything. Then I saw the video. Now I realize –like most things in life –it’s about reaching a balance between the two. Acknowledging spiritual encounters when they happen, but also not letting the dead distract you from your own life. 

I think that’s where most psychics go wrong. Their entire life, job, and focus become dedicated to ghosts and spiritual things and they relate less to the living and accomplishing goals in their own lives.

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