Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Sisters... and Darwin

Well I found out today why my sister has an uncanny tendency to befriend atheists:

This is her new Facebook profile pic. We actually had a discussion when she got this a couple years back. Neither of us see it as an offense to Christianity. It's incorporating the Jesus Fish AND Darwin's Theory of Evolution.

For me I'm mostly just annoyed at it at this point. Contrary to popular belief Darwin's Theory has come up against a great amount of scrutiny lately among the scientific community. Actually they really started finding the holes in it in the 1960s but since most people are out of the scientific community loop -they aren't as up-to-date on where the theory stands now.

Darwin was born February 12th, 1809 -making him a born Aquarius. Possibly a Libra. Science has made just a slight change in progress since 1882 -the year Darwin died. Slight changes of importance include: the discovery and further assessment of GENES. And GENETICS. And Cellular Development. Since Darwin was studying Evolution -which has a lot to do with cellular processes and things Darwin didn't have the technology to verify -his theory missed some things.

Darwin theorized that since everything was comprised of the same stuff -atoms and molecules and cells -that given enough time and the right conditions a mouse can evolve into an elephant. And given the close appearance of monkey and man -Man clearly evolved from Ape.

As it turns out -certain animals have GENES that only those animals can have -preventing them from evolving into another existing creature. And what evolution tends to show us is 2 very key points:

1. In areas where there is more natural environment -like the jungle -animals tend to be bigger and more varied.

For instance Spiders in the Amazon are HUGE and eat birds. Spiders in the city are small and we only have about 3 main kinds. Animals in the jungle are many many kinds and species. Animals in the city are dogs, cats, coyotes, maybe deer, pigeons, rats, and cockroaches. And squirrels.

2. Animals and plants tend to shrink in size as time goes on. Trees in prehistoric times = Skyscraper Size. Now = Oak Tree. Dinosaurs = Huge, Alligators = small in comparison. Lobsters in the open ocean = big, Crayfish that evolved from Lobsters that now live in small streams and rivers = small.

So based on those principles, why would anyone come to the conclusion that Man evolved from Ape? Chimpanzees are far smaller than man. How many small animals do you see giving birth to larger and larger animals down the line? Resources and land space continue to shrink -as do the living inhabitants. If anything, monkey evolved from man. Some sort of offshoot of man that devolved, shrank, and remained primal.

Now that you've been updated, have a glorious day...

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