Friday, November 27, 2015

Heaven's like a Airport

After I had my dream, I thought about Heaven and became troubled and worried as I often am over the prospect of my own death. 

As if by grace, I then flashed to my recent experience of going to the airport alone for the first time. It was then I understood the similarities between the two. 

When you first arrive at the airport, there are immediately people there to help you out. you walk right up to the kiask and tell them your name and what flight you seek to be on. They then hand you a Ticket and take away your Bag. You hand over your suite case like you do your body -without hesitation or fear -knowing you no longer need to hold onto it. 

The Ticket becomes the Truth you learn on your way into Heaven. Because before you have enter through the gate, you have to go through the TSA system. There are rules on the plane so that everyone can be protected. Those rules say you cannot enter with a Weapon and you cannot enter with Violent Intent. Heaven is the same. In this place called Purgatory -where your darknesses are purged from you -the Hatreds and Violent Tendencies you had in this life are sorted through and let go of by you. In this way, Heaven maintains its Peace. 

Once cleared of the TSA -only taking with you that which you need most -you then pass through the gate and into the Heavens. From the there the journey is no longer your worry. The flight itself is in someone else's hands. And there is no need to rush, because this flight is for your vacation trip. It is meant to be Enjoyed. As is the destination -where you might choose it to be in that infinite place. 

But what hit me the most and what I found most assuring was that you are NEVER alone in any of that process. There's always someone there to guide you to the place you belong. 

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