Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Why I Like the Internet/ Future Times

So I don't quite know how to explain or give reason to the spiritual understandings that I've been picking up on. But luckily the internet has some people like me that are picking up on the same truths -affirming my understandings where otherwise they would be left alone to doubt themselves. 

Basically the world is getting darker AND lighter. Those who are "dark" or "negative" will get worse in the coming years and those who are "light" or "positive" will become more so. It will be easier and easier to distinguish light from dark and therefore Heaven from Hell. The two will not be confused as they have been in the past.

For instance, it was once called an act of Heaven/God t burn gay men alive -as it is still in some countries. Today we call that darkness by it's name: Murder. We do not confuse burning people alive (as demons would lead humans suffer in Hell the same way) an act of Heaven (a place of light and grace and mercy).

I've sided with light, which is good news for me because it means Spiritual Abilities will increase in strength and become easier to implement in a more physical than metaphysical sense. God and divine beings of Heaven will also be able to come through more. 

Those of light will undoubtedly unite in solidarity -praying grace and preserving life where they can. They will be the shepherds. 

Those in darkness will inevitably have to face their own demons literally as the transparency of spirituality (or the "Piercing of the Veil" as I like to call it) becomes more obvious. 

I am not alone in this understanding. And you can feel it happening. Marriages that are genuine will succeed and last more easily. That which is genuine, pure, honest, true, light, and full of grace will Succeed. 

I was also excited to realize that 2016 = 2 + 0 + 1 + 6 = 9. Nine of course being my number. I call the number 9: "God in All Things". Meaning in this year people will see the Divinity within themselves more clearly. As well as the Divinity in all forms of life. 

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