Friday, November 27, 2015

I Dreamed A Revelation

I had asked God and the Holy Spirit over a couple times of the course of the past couple weeks to help me with something specific. I found that when I thought of going to Heaven one of the issues I had was this overwhelming Fear that when there at some point I would be presented with Too Much information and Truth that I couldn't handle. I know there are many many things to learn of in this universe and was worried that I might be overwhelmed by the magnitude of the Truths I would then find in Heaven. So I asked God and in particular the Holy Spirit to bring me Ease and to insight Clarity about that situation. 

Last night I had a dream I was in a place I later found was Heaven. I was in these golden, immaculate woods wandering through in perfect peace. There was a man or something similar to an old wise man in a robe leading me and another man. The man who wandered beside me was large and had a dark demeanor. I got the sense he would punch you in the face if you said something he didn't like. 

The wise man who lead us took us to a waterfall. At the base of the waterfall -which wasn't very big -was a flat rock like a giant skipping stone you could stand on. It was clear a person was meant to stand on the stone, so the negative man who stood beside me pretty quickly moved to stand upon the stone. 

The stone did NOT move. The wise man said that he was not READY for the experience and that he would experience nothing. It was not said as an insult or as a judgement, but rather an acknowledgement from patience. 

Then I stepped upon the stone and it ROSE and moved to the top of the waterfall. At the top of the waterfall was a tall water trough. It was clear you were meant to place your head into the water in the trough to see whatever Truth was being presented. So I did. 

As I saw under the water there was a tablet with pictures that were clear. On the left of the tablet there were five faces placed in vertical order and numbers beside them. Each face represented a spiritual age. Like you may have the face of an infant then the face above it a teenager and the face above and adult to show Physical age differences -this one showed Spiritual Ages. In the Middle I found my face -meaning in my life I have presumed myself to be an Elder soul but by Universal Spiritual Comparison my soul is actually still pretty young given ALL there is to know, understand, and BE in life. 

On the right of the tablet there were several symbols representing several significant Spiritual Truths that a person can learn on earth. For instance there was one symbol that represented Architectural and Geographical Locations that hold Great Spiritual energy and significance -kind of like Stonehenge for example. 

The most interesting symbol I was was how God sets aside various ways for people to gain wealth on earth if they choose. 

The first way of wealth listed that in the bottom of the ocean there was found to be OIL -which is of great value to people on earth. Now in the previous centuries, before oil was discovered in the ocean, it would have seemed like a ridiculous notion to suggest it could be found there. And yet it was there waiting to be discovered. Most of these Financial Opportunities manifest themselves as DISCOVERIES. 

Now even if oil hadn't been discovered yet in the ocean, if God had told it could be found there, I never would have pursued it myself. I don't know anything about retrieving oil, manufacturing oil, and most importantly I have NO interest in it. Even if it meant earning millions. 

But there was another symbol for wealth I did see. The symbol represented a pre-existing form of ARTISTRY from recent decades that could be adopted and reinvented. I'd been contemplating making my own version of an adult coloring book since they have become so popular and believe that is what the symbol was alluding to. 

At the end of viewing the tablet I was kind of dismayed because I found the truths shown were truths I already knew and acknowledged. Then a little while later, back at home in Heaven, I ran into a man in a social gathering who was quickly writing down as much as he could in an old journal he was carrying. 

He handed the journal to me and openly wrote the words, "I love you. I hope this brings you more understanding." on the back of the last page in the journal. Though I'd never met him before I was overcome by the feeling I cared about him and wished I could spend more time with him. I then took the journal, which I instinctually understood had more Truths and Revelations I sought to understand written in it. 

I attempted to hide the journal under my arm as a sea of friends and family talked around me. I escaped to an office space where I desperately searched for a pen to write down a few words in the journal. I only found red sharpie pens and knew they would bleed through. The pages themselves were covered in scribbled handwriting as was. I also can't recall the words I did managed to write down which were very specific words like "v********" or "w******" but I can only remember the first letter. I also knew as I was writing the words that I NEEDED to remember them as if subconsciously I knew I would awake and no longer recall the words. 

Then a man came to me -a good man who approached as a friend  -and he came to offer me help. So he proceeded to SHOW me his youth and the Truth and Understanding he had gained from it. 

He was born disfigured and unexpected. His father didn't know what to do with him since he was strange looking, so he took a knife and attempted the cut the boys throat so he would die. But he could only manage to cut partially through before his conscious kicked in and led him to stop. Because of this cutting the boy grew up mute and unable to speak. 

But his father was his constant companion and guardian. The father -in spite of his initial reactions -was a wise, older soul and looked after the young boy who was a younger soul. He watched out for him and made sure he never found himself in harms way. 

Then one day the boy's mother died and the father didn't know how to tell his son and was in too deep a grief to explain it. So instead, through a writing, he told his son, "I am sorry for what I did to you when you were born. I love you more than anything. Please forgive me." The son, who had never bore his father any resentment, simply wrote back, "I've always loved you. Do not worry." 

The son was weightless in that moment. While heavy waves of sadness overwhelmed the father, the son had none. The man who was telling me his story then wrote for me on his own page:

"It was then I learned that I could have Joy in suffering. I can have Joy in loss. I can have Joy in chaos. I can ALWAYS rejoice in the Unconditional Love I have in spite of whatever circumstances I may find myself in." 

And with that I came to the understanding of how one receives great spiritual truths in Heaven: 

1. When you are ready as a soul to hear and carry a "Bigger Picture" Truth within yourself you will be lead to it. 

2. You will NEVER be alone in this journey to finding the Truth.

3. You will have the opportunity to read the truth on your own, but if you find it too hard to comprehend, someone in Heaven -usually another soul -will SHOW you the truth as they found it in their lives. 

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