Tuesday, November 24, 2015

10 Grapes

Christians and other groups have been posting this, so I wanted to put this Theory to the test:

If you have a group of people (10 grapes) and a small handful of people within that group were harmful to others (2 poisoned grapes) -then by this quotes insistence we should avoid and/or reject that whole group.

That implies the following:

Women should avoid/reject men since some are rapists.

Children should avoid teachers and adults since some are pedophiles.

Black people should avoid white people since some are members of the KKK.

All people should avoid Christians since some are murderers. 

All people who own guns should be feared because some have been mass murderers and terrorists. 

And yet what did Christ Himself teach on this issue?

Jesus befriended Peter who was trying to murder Him and had killed off many of his followers by burning them alive.

Jesus embraced and befriended Judas even though He knew Judas would betray Him. 

He spoke in front of large groups of people in spite of their many attempts to kill Him after He spoke. 

And ultimately God chose to come to earth and teach love to humanity even though He knew humanity itself would take His life. 

So in conclusion, some people Love Jesus -that is true -but they kind of suck when it comes to FOLLOWING His teachings and fearlessly and indiscriminately caring for people as He did. Because the truth is the way Christ loved and the way He lived cost Him death. And most people don't have the courage to live a better life in that way because they know it may cost them something they care about as well.  

Also, just for the record, Jesus told us to love our enemies as ourselves. 

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