Tuesday, November 24, 2015

World Peace?

People often say, "Well since World Peace hasn't happened by now it never will."

I thought about it, and I disagree. I say, no one ever WANTED World Peace before and that's why it was never achieved. Since people strive for it now, it may very well be achieved in the coming years. 

Back int he 15th century a book called Utopia was written. It was one of the first times noted times that anyone had widely conceived that the ENTIRE planet -not just a specific country or people -could exist in peace and harmony. Though the book was widely received at the time in Europe, Europe itself was lost to violence, religious discourse, and bogited hatreds. 

More importantly, Europe didn't KNOW the world. It sought to concur a lot of the world, but had no honest connection to or understanding of the world at large. 

TODAY is different. We KNOW Russia here in America. Brazil KNOWS Australia. China KNOWS Canada. You can just about watch the countries in action as is right now on Youtube. 

In other words, for the first time ever we are capable of seeing what's going on in other countries and form SOLIDARITY across nations. 

When Paris was attacked, people in America and other parts of the world knew as it was happening. And a couple days later the world was reminded these atrocities are occurring in other parts of the world as well simultaneously -and other issues as well like Hurricanes and Earthquakes. Our compassion and unity are being stretched to vast regions and what were once a "foreign" people.

The beginnings of World Peace are already being seen. Our connection to humanity is becoming more and more plain. 

There are still small groups of people who are Adverse to this new path. They seek DIVISION and Destruction instead. And as it has always been these groups will die in time. They will fade out and end. 

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