Monday, October 5, 2015

Religious Cycles of Pain and Peace

It seems most of religions -especially the largest ones -go through this cycle. Ultimately All arrive at Peace. 

When Judaism first began its followers were greatly persecuted. At one point its majority was enslaved.

Then as time when on Judaism gained followers and power. It established vast institutions. 

Then Christianity began in its humble state as Judaism had. Christians were then persecuted -mostly by Jews for a good period of time. 

Then as time went on Christianity gained followers and power. It established vast institutions. 

Then Islam began in its humble state as Christianity had. Muslims were then persecuted by Christians. 

And so it went with one group taking turn at destroying the other. And within ALL 3 religions were then mass killings, slayings, rapes, murders, enslavement, torture, burning... of their own Followers. 

At one point in Europe when Christianity had its strong hold, Jews were actually segregated and treated as an "other" people. When Hitler rose to power he acted upon this founded hatred and brought it to fruition. Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin were all raised Catholic, but were at best Agnostic and resented that religion. Either way, Christianity had NEGATIVELY influenced their actions by breading their hatreds in society and their own minds in the first place. 

Then the abuses of the Catholic Church raping children came to light only a couple of decades ago. Still the church would do nothing, until recent years -even avoiding the subject in open acknowledgement and Hiding pedophiles from the public. 

But after the Holocaust something happened: Christianity STOPPED hating on Jews. At least for the most part. The error of their ways was learned from the blood of children stained on the hands of that religion. 

I'm not entirely certain what Judaism's historical turn was when they too Stopped harming Christians as they had before during its early years, but Peace now reigns between these religions. 

And so it is Islams turn. As they have persecuted and destroyed the lives of their own Followers, so do they also seek to now destroy the lives of other religions -Christianity in particular. 

And History and GOD has shown: Peace is the way. They WILL find their way to peace and make peace with those around them. As it took Christians and Jews centuries to do, pray it takes them far less time. As Christians once persecuted so now will they be persecuted by this sick cycle religion tends to follow. 

And when the blood of children is on the hands of ALL religions may NO person on this earth seek to judge or condemn any other religion for doing as it will. We are not fit to judge, we are not made to judge. We are made for peace and compassion. One day ALL humans will learn this. 

Satanism follows suite as well. There have been Satanists in centuries past that killed children and Christians. But then there have also been Christians that have killed non-Satanists claimed as Satanists in the name of religion. So the blood of the innocent is on both hands of these 2 religions as well. 

I'm not as certain of the Eastern Religions. I know that Hinduism started humbly enough, but then abused its own people with the Caste System. And Buddhism started humbly as well, but there have been monks who have burned innocent people alive. 

To date, I have not heard of any 1 religion that has not been used as an excuse to abuse and/or kill human beings. 

Religions should always be exercised with caution as you would fire. They can be used to give light and warmth, but can also be used to destroy and burn. 

God never justifies Killing or Abuse. God Loves an Cares for humanity -His creations. ALL will come to know this peace in the end. 

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