Saturday, October 17, 2015

Strange Encounter

Nina my new friend and her new friend Adam wanted to go the mall on a Friday. Great idea, the mall is undoubtedly crowded and I'm trying to save money not spend it. But I decide to go along anyway just to hangout and because I've been cooped inside all day. 

Nina and Adam are "young". Technically they're both 18 which explains why, but then again age does not speak anything to experience. 

Nina is sort of spiritual in that she's had spiritual experiences, but other than that she's naive when it comes to spirituality and expert when it comes to practicality. Adam is just young, fun, and full of energy. I almost accidentally spelled "fool of energy", which is an interesting slip up... 

We made it to the mall, one we'd been to before about 4 times in spite of only being in Colorado about a month. Adam was in the back seat, I was co-piloting the front, and Nina was driving. As we were driving along I suddenly felt/heard myself saying in my head, "I call on Michael. My he give peace and protection to us on this journey." It's kind of random that without thinking my mind would take that kind of action on its own. But I figured since the angel Michael is who I turn to most for protection, there might be some bigger reason I was calling without planning on it, so then I consciously called to him and asked him to protect all 3 of us. 

When we were trying to find a parking spot, Adam kept looking at people passing by and started saying "Ball sack!" really loud inside the car -which made Nina laugh. He was just being random and amusing. But then as a young guy in a white tank top and white shorts started to walk past, Adam took it a step further and rolled down the window yelling, "BALL SACK!!!" really fast as we drove past the guy. 

The guy immediately turned around and yelled, "What the f*ck did you just say to me?!!!" 

Adam turned to Nina and yelled, "Drive drive drive!" 

Nina sped off. Then she called Adam stupid for pissing the guy off. As Nina went to turn down another row of cars she saw the guy walking down the aisle towards her. Not wanting a possible confrontation, she then went down the next aisle. 

She found a spot and went to park the car, but then saw the guy sitting in front of the mall entrance on his phone. (I suspect he was calling for backup because he was PISSED). Nina said, "Great now we can't go in the mall because he'll beat us up." 

Adam said, "Hey let's just drive past the guy, I'll roll down my window and apologize." I told Adam, "He probably won't care. He's realllly angry. I doubt an apology will do anything." 

But Nina backed up and made her way towards the front of the mall. Adam rolled his window down and cowardly said, "Hey man I was just playing, no hate!" The guy then stood up like he was going to head towards the car and started to say something but the Nina bolted. She said, "Yah he still seems kind of pissed..." 

Nina then attempted to park on the other side of the mall. When we got out of the car, we looked around and suddenly saw the guy on a skateboard going up and down each car aisle looking for us. Nina and Adam decided to hide behind a nearby car. I officially got tired of the situation and walked away from both of them and towards the mall entrance. I figured I would be safer inside the building around people then outside hiding behind cars. 

Made my way in and watched out the window thinking Nina and Adam would come in after me. 5 minutes later I saw them drive past. I immediately started trying to text them. We agreed to meet in front of the original mall entrance and I would quickly hop in so we could drive off. 

We decided from there to go to another mall. Adam kept saying that the guy was a "troubled child" and that if it had come to blows Adam would have kicked his ass. 

I was just thankful Michael had guided me because I did feel protected in that situation in spite of the circumstances. I think he helped out. 

The second mall we went to was a new one. We ended up going into a spiritual store called "Earthbound". As I was admiring the Buddhist and Christian motifs and figures, Nina and Adam called to me from the other side of the store. They were checking out Hookas and wanted to get one. 

This is kind of my point. It's really sad/annoying that you can hold such a reverence and appreciation for a spiritual store like that and then other people just come in and say, "Hey take a picture of me in this cool tribal mask so I can post it on Facebook." Which also happened in the store. 

The sacred and the divine are all around us. The more we open our minds to these things, the more our soul will pick up on them as well. 

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