Saturday, October 3, 2015

Funny Twitter Convo

My friend LOVES Iron Man...

Me: The power of Iron Man in your hands...

Alex: You're telling me my knitted gloves aren't good enough?

Me: Those are pretty special. It'd be awesome if they were red and gold. ;)

Alex: Hehe yeah, I guess the person I bought them from were doing the War Machine gloves

Me: Here u go...


Me: Now you know what to ask for for Christmas :)

Alex: Doe can I get some knitted Iron Man gloves for Christmas?

Me: I'll put in a good word with the elves.

Alex: Dang you got connections

Me: You eat enough Keebler cookies and Rice Krispies you make an impression on some people...

Alex: You know I never knew those were elves!!! Whaaaaaat...too bad their creation only tasted good 
with a heap of sugar...

Me: It tasted fine on its own. Although sugar + Cheerios = Amazing.

Alex: Honey nut cheerios was like kids crack! (Horrible analogy but,hey) So addicting!

Me: I liked Lucky Charms. But the leprechaun never gave me a cent of his pot of gold. Jerk...

Alex: So you got connections to the elves but not to leprechauns? O.o What gives? Explanation please.

Me: Leprechauns are hoarders. Elves are employed to give to others, but leprechauns only live for themselves and their gold.

Alex: Ah so you've no desire to get to know leprechauns I see. That explains it all.

Me: It's a 2 way street. They avoid people. They're paranoid people will take all their gold. It's kind of like brefriending Smaug. Only less perilous.

Alex: Your Smaug/Leprechaun comparison is stimulating my brain!!!! Well at least that leprechaun liberally distributes cereal.

Me: Yes he doesn't skimp on the Hearts, Stars, Horeshoes, Clovers, and Balloons...

Alex: Please tell me you looked that up and didn't have that memorized from youth

Me: It was a catchy tune...

Alex: lol stay cute Doe!

Me: I try :)

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