Saturday, October 17, 2015

Hey Skinny Girl

My sister posted this on Facebook: 

"Hey, skinny girl." I look up. Of course they're talking to me. I 

wear baggy clothes but people can still tell I'm 30 lbs underweight. 

Oh no, please do come over and flirt at me. I'm not intimidated by 3

 guys surrounding me by my car and invading my personal bubble 

at all. In fact, let me date all of you, one each day or maybe all at 

once to save time? I'm a terribly efficient person. Ah, yes, my cane.

 To you it says,"weak person" to me it says,"weapon of choice as 

my limbs are perfectly healthy and I've got a lot of pent up 

aggression. So go ahead and try something. Make My Day" But 

fine, leave. Walk away. Nice chat, I guess.

I responded: Pepper spray + a cane = DEATH. Stay armed.

She responded: I don't always beat creeps to a pulp, but when I do 

use Pepper spray and a cane. Stay dangerous my friends.

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