Sunday, October 18, 2015

Deodorant Issues

So I just found out the other day that #1 The main ingredient in 

deodorant is ALUMINUM??? WHYSSSSSSS? Did not notice that 

before. Noticed it now because #2 it leads to Breast Cancer???!!! 

WHYSSSSS! I hate products. I just hate them. Because then I 

went to get some NON-Cancer causing deodorant that was 

Aluminum-free and guess what -NO LUCK. WHYYYYSSSSS?!!!

It just frustrates me that #1 a company could make a product with 

aluminum in it that people put on their skin and not think, "Gee 

maybe this might have negative health effects on consumers" and 

#2 As a consumer YOU have to be the one to keep an eye out for 

products slowly trying to kill you.

You know what frustrates me most. I said NO McDonald's french 

fries yesterday. I realized as an intelligent, well-informed human

that McDonald's fries will lead to cancer if I eat too many too often.

And even though it was only going to be that one time that I eat the

fries, I still thought, "No. It isn't healthy and is bad enough to cause

cancer in the first place." Then I find out my deodorant is trying to

kill me. WHYYYYYYYY! Why can I not get a break. 

If the french fries don't get you the deodorant will. 

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