Thursday, May 30, 2013


It is done! (for the most part)...

This is what happens when I create an Excel Spreadsheet just trying to find out a little more information and clarity to find which causes to support.


Twitter Page:

Facebook Page:

Awesome Logo:
The logo came from the idea of combining the 4 and "C" from Charity. In the center you can see the image of a person: head, arms, and legs. And in the "C" is the world.

For the Twitter and Facebook pages I decided to follow all of the non-profits listed on the 4Charity website I created (as well as any others I found that should be supported). I also followed inspirational quotes.

I then check in a 2 times a day on Twitter and Facebook and see the most interesting quotes and posts and retweet/repost them.

All in all, a great project made reality. 

Future plans: Get more specific on the Website about the Needs of each cause (not just the general needs that are currently listed).

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