Friday, May 10, 2013

Non-profit Cause

I was inspired by the Mixer last night and I've sort of pseudo-decided to host a mixer of my own through Promote Her Business. 

The first thing you've got to do when planning a possible mixer is make a list of the topics you want to cover/focus on. I want my mixer to be a way for people to share what their favorite causes/non- profit charities are and try to figure out ways to better promote those causes.

I also need to find a venue that will host 20-40 people from 6-7:30pm and not cost a fortune. One step at a time...

So here are my notes for the unofficial "Agenda" of topics I would like to raise:

1) Writers and Speakers?

o   Do you work better as a Writer, a Speaker, or both? 

2) What does your Cause NEED? 

·         Tangible Items
o   Career Closet, EHC, Salvation Army 

·         Dollar Donations
o   WWF, Children’s Hunger Fund, ST. Jude’s 

·         Time/Participation
o   Habitat for Humanity, Beautiful Day, CCPY 

3) What can you give?

·         Tangible Items
·         Money
·         Expertise/Guidance/Service
·         Time/Participation

4) What kind of Cause is it?

·         Environmental/Nature/Animal
·         People: Children/Disabled/Under-privileged
·         Health: Disease/Disorder/Treatment/Discouraging Unhealthy Habits
·         Poverty/Quality of Life/ Sub-par Conditions/ Natural Disaster
·         Social Conflict/ War/ Genocide
·         Abuse/ Personal Tragedy/ Grief
·         Personal Embetterment/ Education/ Opportunities/ Services 

5) Strategy?

·         Tell a Story –focus less on Statistics

·         Use solid branding, bold images and clear messaging 

·         What part of the cause do you/others respond to most?

·         How can you promote the Cause?
o   Social Media v. In-Person

·         Model cause after Successful Examples of other causes

·         Problems with a new cause/ starting a non-profit 

·         Creating a sense of immediacy 

·         If you can’t accept it –change it: Find a way for people to consider Reality unacceptable to they seek to actively change it through your cause 

     By focusing on these topics we can help each other as a group to figure out our strengths/weaknesses in the area of cause promotion, devise a strategy to raise awareness for the cause, and support each other in these endeavors. 

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