Monday, May 13, 2013

Statistics for Causes

About 112 women between the ages of 30-50 were asked to list what causes (specific or general) they supported. Here are the results we got:

39 said they support  Social Causes involving empowerment, education, and support for those who were struggling with adversity. These causes included youth mentoring programs as well as abuse crisis centers.

24 said they support 3rd World Causes involving extreme poverty and inhumane treatment.

21 said they supported Environmental Causes relating to humane treatment of animals and the preservation of nature.

17 said they support Health-Related Causes -especially those related to cancer and children fighting diseases.

11 said they support Tangible Causes related to the donation of items like food, clothing, and other items.

35% = Social Causes/ Empowerment Programs
21% = 3rd World Causes
19% = Environmental Causes
15% = Health Causes
10% = Tangible Donations

It would be interesting to give this same survey to men and see what causes they tend to support. It seems women were in general primarily concerned for Women Empowerment and Education as well as Supporting Children. Anything involving Women, Children, and Animals was a popular choice.

It also seems like they were more focused on Social issues rather than physical problems such as poverty, starvation, and diseases besides cancer.

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