Friday, January 23, 2015

Dream About Jesus

I had a dream two nights ago. I dreamt I was somewhere in the Middle East, in a kind of house semi-underground and comprised of sand and stone. I was a man and was watching this man at the same time (from his perspective and from time-to-time behind him). This man walked into the house with a woman behind him. The man I was had black hair and a white tunic sort of outfit on with a hood covering his head. The woman who walked behind him had long, curly hair that was dark brown and a long dress that shimmered gold and blue. 

I walked up to the man who lived in this house and he wore a gold tunic sort-of outfit and had jewels in rings on his fingers. He had men following him. The man I was was past the point of humble and just kind of ordinary/normal. You'd pass him in the street easily without noticing. The man with jewels was arrogant and commanded the people around him with his presence. 

There was another man in the room who was chained and had blood and dirt covering his tunic. He had been whipped recently and was hobbling on the ground trying to keep up with the servants of the wealthy house-owner. 

I came to the wealthy man who owned the home and asked if I could perform some kind of miracle on the man. The wealthy man didn't like me, but acknowledged me with some regard and struck a deal with me. He considered me foolish for believing I was capable of doing anything. He told me that the man who had been whipped was punished for following Christ -which he considered a grave offense. But he said, "If you really think you can work some kind of magic over this man and perform some kind of miracle do it and it shall be done then." This man then acknowledged the woman who came with me and said he considered the fact that her face was unveiled a crime, but she had also bowed to him and acted the way she should in his presence so he would "let it slide", 

I then knelt to the whipped man in chains. I put part of my robe over his chained hands and then placed my hands over the robe and prayed. In an instant I lifted the robe and the chains were open and unlocked from his now freed hands. 

The wealthy man was surprised by this, but refused to let the man be freed entirely (meaning to let him go). The man I was then stood and left the house. 

Later the re-chained man who had been whipped was walking past the house outside. I walked right up to him as the wealthy man approached us and did not hesitate. I took the hand of the chain man and led him to a place behind the house. There I placed my hands on him and healed his body instantly. Every scar and wound was healed. His chains were then freed from him. I turned back to the wealthy man who reacted with shock and did NOT approach after. It was like the wealthy man "lost interest" or any desire to pursue this man as his slave had left his body. 

4 women then came and embraced the man who had been enslaved because they were relatives and friends of his. I then walked on and did not look back. 

It was interesting. When I spoke in the beginning I seemed like a nobody special-normal guy. But when I unleashed the chains and healed the man it's like I became lit up. Like who I truly was came out in this light that emanated from my body and my presence. I think this was a  dream/vision o something Jesus did in the past. Or a metaphor for His actions. 

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